Breaking: FBI Ready To Prosecute Hillary, Threatening To Go Public If Lynch...

Breaking: FBI Ready To Prosecute Hillary, Threatening To Go Public If Lynch Covers It Up

Huge news breaking right now about the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation involving email issues and public corruption charges against the former Secretary Of State.

Reports say not only does the FBI want Clinton prosecuted, if Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses, some FBI agents will publicly expose the 2016 Dem Presidential hopeful.

According to InfoWars:

If Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, does not follow her oath of office and indict Hillary Clinton, FBI investigators will go public with their findings, according to House Majority leader Tom DeLay.

DeLay told The Steve Malzberg Show on Monday the FBI is ready to indict the former Secretary of State on criminal charges related to 1,300 classified documents stored on a private email server.

“They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public,” the Texas Republican told the radio host.

“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges,” DeLay added.



    • I remember them laughing together after Benghazi. That’s what this investigation is about. With top security breaches any foreign country could get into her emails. Then Benghazi where people were killed.

      • Loretta, In my mind I am thinking that some foreign Country or Org.HAS ALL HER E-MAILS and before long they will submit them the right people in this Country and that will be the end of her and Billy Bob pecker.I hope I am right.You would think that her head could turn 180 degree after lying to the Parents of those 4 people that died in Benghazi making sure they were not behind her for the rest of her life.

        • The people who care are concerned about others. Fine Americans like you who are asking questions and won’t let it go until the victims are recognized as having rights. I’ve questioned why there was an embassy in such a violent country. We’ve had for years past a very uneasy and volatile relationship with Libya since the downed aircraft. Also, the breach could be Libya. And then we have the deleted files to deal with. Why did she take the files home after she left office?

          • The embassy was in Tripoli. Benghazi was a secret site and Ambassador Stevens’ job was securing weapons from anti-Gadafi forces and shipping them through Turkey to Syrian Rebels. It was Obama-Clinton’s Iran-contra and they did not want to draw attention to it! That’s why security was reduced and no help sent. It was mission impossible and our people were expendable. After it was all over, what else could the administration do except lie … To this very day. The press was eager to expose Reagan in Iran-Contra. They are just as eager to protect Obama and Clinton.

          • If the site was secret, how did you know about it? And where are you getting your information from? The movie? Unreliable.

          • Secrets are unknown until they are revealed. Then they are no longer secrets.

            On what basis do you judge the credibility of the movie or the book it is based on? Hillary’s word?
            The woman who claims she was named after the famous Sir Hillary, who became famous years after she was born?
            The woman who blamed “Bill’s Bimbos” on a vast right-wing conspiracy, while at the same time lead a task force to smear and destroy the women who came forward?
            The woman who stood next to 4 dead bodies and stated to loved ones they died because of a video, when she knew at least the day before it was a planned terrorist attack?
            The woman who said she had no classified emails on her private server. Who erased 30,000 emails from that server (claiming they all related to Chelsea’s wedding or her yoga classes? When 1300 classified emails were found by FBI specialists, she claimed she sent or received “no emails MARKED classified.” (There is a released email in which she instructs an assisitant to remove a classified marking from an email and send it on.) You mean the woman who had 22 emails so sensitive that her own department and former boss refuse to release them because of their nature? That woman?
            You mean the woman who flew around the world as Secretary of State, making deals for gifts to the Clinton Foundation? That woman? That’s the one you believe, rather than the survivors of Benghazi.
            Shame on you. You and all your fellow Democrats who lie, cheat, and cover up for her. She is a disgrace. And has been for decades.

          • Dear OD48,

            The absence of any regard for the very nature of classified information would disqualify any and every person of similar behavior from ever again accessing classified material. Anyone who has ever been in a position requiring access to such material is well trained and knows. About 1 month ago I explained the levels and sub levels of classification and pointed out that I was surprised, considering her position and regular need to know, that no special access program material (a sub-set of top secret, compartmentalized information) had not shown up. Within the week of my raising the question, such material was identified as having been discovered on her server.

            She can continue to lie all she wants, but she is not the only one implicated here. Every single individual in the broken chain of custody is likely implicated in felonies. This is not a simple blunder. This is serious and the Protectors of HRC can poo-poo it all they want. That should disqualify each and every one of her protectors from ever having a position requiring proper handling and management of classified material.

            This attitude is dangerous and it should anger each and every American. Problem is, there are many just like her.

      • The point is that he should be in as much trouble or more as her on this. Together they grossly mis-handled what should have been secure communications.

        • At that top level in our country, this at the very least should have been attended to. People who work in govt. have to have high security clearance, and are investigated. It’s hard to see this happening.

    • Dear miml and others,

      As many have implied here, HRC is not the only individual involved here, although at State, she was in charge, and overall, BHO was in charge. Of course, his defense (not) is that he read about this in the newspaper or heard about it for the first time on CNN.

      Regardless, every fact needed to know in every set of events, whether investigating a crime or something else, is answer by “Who, What, Why, Where, When, How and How Much?”

      Incidental use of business e-mail is usually allowed, but 30,000? That does not seem incidental to me.

      Who set up the independent systems and what non-disclosure agreements did they execute?
      Who paid for the installation and maintenance and who signed off on the work requests and pay requests?
      Who were the parties to the non-disclosure agreements involved in setting up the rogue system? Was one of the parties the United States of America? How many other parties were there and in what capacity were the signatories participating?

      Anyone who has ever been involved in working with classified material knows that there are many, many violations of law and many, many people involved in what has transpired here.

      BHO is going to have a difficult time with identifying who gets pardoned and the scope of the pardons. Anyone who touched any of this, if missed, will provide the opportunity for the next Justice administration to do the right thing–i.e., apply the law. I know, I know, that could mean that a marginal participant with all sorts of obligations for family could be left holding the proverbial bag. Unfortunately, that is what happens when you are involved in a criminal enterprise. What happened to just saying “No”?

    • He says the same thing he always does, I heard about it on tne news.
      He knows nothing, like Sgt.Schultz, (I know nothing)!!!!

      • Of the 19 people impeached by the House, 12 have been removed from office or resigned. The most recent one was in 2010.

      • Where are your manners? The Clintons are good people, good for NOTHING👀She’s a power hungry skirt who thinks she deserves to be president because she acted like the president while Billy-bob peker head couldn’t keep his ding-dong in his pants as the president. They are above the law and bullet proof. The golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rule. And the Clintons have much gold in their coffers!

      • Oh yes you can….

        Article II of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

        Impeachment in the US is an indictment, it is not a conviction. After impeachment, the impeached person could face a federal trial.

        Most of the 19 people ever impeached in the US were federal judges, they were not elected people, but were appointed

          • I would certainly like to be given an opportunity to test the issue. If the Holder (no pun intended) of the office (position) of atty general is not subject to impeachment I suspect that Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor, Kennedy and Roberts will tell me.

          • Check it out, He or she serves at the pleasure of the president and can be removed by
            president at any time; the attorney general is also subject to
            impeachment by the
            House … The current Attorney General,
            Loretta Lynch was nominated by
            President Oblowhard.

          • Dear prm2012,

            I am in total agreement that AG is an office the holder of which is subject to impeachment.

            I also did not misunderstand the comment about what should be done if the AG blocks charges from ever being brought against HRC.

            Quite frankly, I have a difficult time understanding the vehemence associated with the support for HRC. Again, it tells me that there are many who have no regard for government of law and are perfectly comfortable with oligarchy as long as it is their oligarchy even if it ignores the limitations placed on the central government by the Constitution.

            From my lowly place on the planet, I abhor a top-down mandate from the Beltway regardless of which part of the Establishment claims rule. And I have dared anyone to demonstrate how they are truly different regardless of which side of the aisle is speaking. We have had event after event showing that the only difference is what the RINOs said last election–“We can do it better!” Again, please, tell me what “it” is.

          • I agree with your last paragraph, I don’t believe there is any difference
            RINO’s or DINO’s, they are all a bunch of crooks, no doubt about it in my humble opnion.

          • At the pleasure? Get real. Her serving is either an elected position or an appointed position. Do you need to be in the mental hospital? If you’re on drugs, you need to get off of here.

          • You are the one on drugs of the worst kind, why don’t you just go away and shut your big mouth. I believe you have escaped from a mental hospital. Or some village has lost it’s IDIOT.

          • Dear LS,

            This is not a difficult issue–just google “impeachment and the attorney general”

            Lots of references.

            Question is not whether the office is subject to impeachment proceedings — what is really important is what are consequences? Criminal prosecution and impeachment are separate proceedings. If conduct is sufficient to support criminal charges and clearly the standard if “high crimes and misdemeanors” should be-then what happens?

            Another question I have is whether there any state criminal statute could be implicated in the conduct of HRC. If so, states are separate and distinct sovereigns who could move if available.

          • Hilary Clinton is not in office, whether elected or appointed. Therefore no impeachment. The whole idea you’re presenting is absurd to say the least.

          • Didn’t read my post, office of A G, Attorney General. Is Hellary the A G? Hillary should be in PRISON not in any office.

            Loretta Elizabeth Lynch (born May 21, 1959) is the 83rd and
            current Attorney
            General of the United States, having previously served as
            United States Attorney. Can you read this????

          • You are either stupid or a jerk. That article is about Hillary Clinton. Get a grip, dufus. Can you spell, dumbo? Why would Lynch be impeached? Unless you are an attorney and have inside information, your idea is still absurd. Don’t ever run for office, we’d mow you down. Don’t answer this. I don’t want to hear your stupidity any more. You wrote a reply to my email. Maybe you can’t connect the dots.

          • I would say you are both, STUPID and a JERK.

            This is what I was talking about, John Phillips•6 days ago

            If the attorney general does not indict she should be impeached!

            Someone said not elected can’t be impeached WRONG.!!!!!!!!
            Smart A$$ JERKKKKKK.

          • Take a look at this theAttorney General serves at the pleasure of the president and can be removed by the president at any time; the attorney general is also subject to impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial in the Senate for “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    • I think that she has to be found guilty to warrant a pardon. In any event, this crew makes “watergate” look like an unpaid parking ticket.

    • I am thinking now that they might have pretty much decided that they can’t get around this indictment so from here on out they will rush to judgement so they can use Obummers pardon power. Thing is, He should be in the indictment which would negate his power to do anything. We will have to wait to see what is in the document sent to DOJ’s Lynch. IF she tries to sit on it then we know I’ve got it wrong about rushing things and we will have an awful period just like we did with the Nixon episode. I’m having nightmares already. Just see Obama and Hillary standing before a crowd saying, “We’re not crooks”

  1. Dear Folks,

    I am beginning to get a bit weary from the repeated stories that really add nothing new. My view on this has and always will be that the BHO rabble will not indict her and will do everything they can to make certain that HRC skates through another series of criminal misconduct. The disdain with which the Clinton Criminal Enterprise approaches any rule of law that might have any limitation of these sociopaths is astounding, to say the least. But they have gotten away with it and until they are held accountable, they will continue to be bad actors.

    Tom DeLay can make the point that being tried in the court of public opinion will be okay is absurd. Either we have a government of laws or not. If HRC skates, it will further erode the trust that the hoi polloi have in the justice system. I do not hold the view that public opinion suffices if she, in fact and in law, has acted in the manner we believe to be the case.

    But that implies a trial and a conviction. Another but, however, remember prosecutorial discretion? I can foresee that the BHO rabble will not pursue the felonies that are implicated in her private server handling of confidential, secret, top secret and special access program material. I foresee no indictment and a plea deal, at most. If an indictment, just wait to see what issues go to trial–they can be reduced to such an extent that they are unrecognizable from what charges she should face.

    And, my question for a long time has been: Why the delay (no pun intended). The evidence that we have seen, assuming that the reports are accurate, were sufficient a long time ago to support multiple felony charges. Again, who is pulling these strings?

    • Do you think that our gov has always been this corrupt? But there has to be, at least one period of our Democratic existence and departure from old England that our values were held true.

      • Dear S,

        There may always have been isolated corruption, but I do not believe that the level of corruption we have seen these last 30 years has ever been equaled, and has reached new lows the past 7 years. Whenever there is money to be made, there is a very strong enticement. I have always been a believer that strong character cannot be corrupted. I have met those and discussed the issue with them who believe that the enticement of graft/lucre within the Beltway corrupts everyone eventually. I do not believe that. Maybe I am naive. But if you have a system that encourages career politicians who have benefits that the general population will never have, then getting elected again trumps (no pun intended) principle.

        Having spent a significant part of my professional life bumping up against various federal and state agencies, my experience has been that state agencies are not nearly as corrupt as federal. Maybe that is just a matter of relativity. But I know that agencies within the federal government violate the law every day. Federal agencies and federal contractors using federal resources compete with private enterprise every day. That is against the law with very narrow exceptions. How are subsidies given to enterprises that simply cannot project success, even with the millions in subsidies? Solyndra, for example.

        Why did we really go into Iraq? Was it really nuclear WMDs or was it that Halliburton needed a big contract doing something it had never done before?

        So many actions of the federal government are based upon who knows whom and have nothing to do with the merits. That means that pursuit of excellence no longer means much.

        Just take the 2010 and 2014 elections as an example. The Republican Party rode the Tea Party movement to take the Majority in the House and the Senate, yet the Republican Establishment has not once recognized the issues that fueled the results. That is corruption of the system, in a sense. Yet, I have long bemoaned the fact that the 2 parties and no longer identifiable as 2 separate parties. I am a recovered Democrat, as I describe myself and a big honesty in government person. Which means that I am not to be confused with the Establishment on either side. I am a fierce opponent of communism/progressivism/socialism/fascism/establishmentism. I view the left and the socialist right as 2 sides of the same coin. So I describe myself also as an equal opportunity accuser.

        Remember when Bush II changed out some of the US Attorney slots because they were too liberal? Remember the howl that went up about politicizing the US Attorneys’ slots? Have you hear anyone since raise the same complaint about the BHO actions that politicize the Justice Department? When John Mitchell tried to skew the Nixon investigation, he went to jail. That was corruption nipped in the bud.

        While I can give examples of cronyism and bad judgments over the past 50 years, none of it comes close to what is going on now. Name any major agency and you find lying, cheating and stealing–Labor, Commerce, Treasury, EPA, Justice, State and on and on.

        Take the steps that led to the Russians owning a major portion of our uranium resources–there had to have been a CFIUS committee that evaluated and passed/approved the deal. Have we seen who was on that committe and what formed the bases for the approval? Has anyone asked who was on the committee and from which agencies? Don’t you find that to be a mite peculiar?

        The momentum is for more and more top-down mandates from Big Brother. A one-size-fits-all solution simply is not good. It is all about control, control, control. The standard is very clear that anything that BHO can get away with is constitutional. That is a perversion of our system. That is corrupting.

        I have made recommendations to congressmen and senators, including, at the top of the list, to dismantle altogether the Department of Education. It is unconstitutional and has been from day 1. The only accomplishment I can see is that they have forced sex education in kindergarten. Is Common Code and accomplishment? The Federal Department of Education bribes states with federal funds–if you do not do such and such, federal funding will be withheld.

        As you can tell, I could go on for days about the abuses that in a sense are kinds of corruption. And for good or ill, I have had to deal with much of what goes on in and around the Beltway. I do not like it but my prognosis is not good.

    • I heard that if she skates the F B I is going public with the what they have found
      and let all the people can see what happens. And maybe get Obama the Blowhard, A K A Liar-in-Chief in some trouble, or not???

      • Dear prm2012,

        That is also the rumor, but that is a slippery slope, too. FBI agents may well be subject to non-disclosure agreements. Investigative materials of matters not closed are exempt from FOIA disclosure and so are “deliberative” materials.

        My interest in this area goes to whether deliberative materials that show complicity in the violation of the law are nevertheless exempt from FOIA disclosure. I have to believe that someone like Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton are on this.

  2. Tom Delay has just shown AGAIN how corrupt the Republican Party is. To say nothing needs to be done to Hillary legally other than block her election attempt is about as bad as it can get. It’s like saying I can go out and break the law and my punishment will be not going to court and proving I’m guilty and not paying any fine or punishment. Just go on with my life as if nothing really happened.
    I also agree with other comments that Hillary did not do this alone. Her aids, assistants, staffers and most of all, her boss knew she was breaking the law and did nothing, said nothing. They are co-conspirators!

    • True but those republicans you mention are the old school rhino establishment of McCain, McConnell, Christie, Boehner, J. Bush and company not the Tea Party Republicans. In fact it’s Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Republicans that called for Obama to be Impeached, planned parenthood funding cut, Hillary’s prosecution, spending cuts, other federal agency cuts and a balanced budget only to be publicly slammed by the rhino establishment. It’s the republican rhino establishment that needs to be removed along with all the liberal, socialist and communist that occupy the democratic party.

      • Thanks for helping me feel better. I am just so frustrated. We did what we could in the last election to show both parties that we are fed up with “business as usual” by removing people on both sides. Now we have a chance to do that again in November. We all need to do everything we can to not elect incumbents. When there are only a few left maybe they will finally see the writing on the wall. “It’s the peoples way or the highway” for them. I’m still very unhappy that anyone, republican or democrat would say anything close to Hillary should not be indicted. I’m from Florida so my hands are tied locally. With non-voting Senator Rubio in my way there is not much I can do right now. MY representative in the house, Dr. Ted Yoho is a man “we” put in and he is trying his best against a current that is corrupt.

      • I agree you sure got that right. Those RINO’s are just in it for the kick backs, from thier Lobbyist. All a bunch of crooks, or the FOX gaurding the hen house.

    • Delay knows how the system works. I don’t doubt he was put out there to break it to America that Hillary is going to get away with this, just as she has Benghazi.

      • If she gets away with it and isn’t indicted, we the American public can make sure she doesn’t get into the Presidency. She’s shown herself to be untrustworthy in a high position.

    • I just watched the 13 hour Benghazi that was made and if anyone wants the truth in this should see the movie,and there was no protest in the streets,they were in Libya,Benghazi in a compound that they were not suppose to be it was secluded and orders were handed stand down when the attack took place like a herd of cattle going to slaughter and if these orders had not been given to stand down they would have been alive today.they attack the compound left and right asking for help three times.I would love to have these shooters if I was ever in an enemy zone like that they were taking them out left and right in the beginning but the help came to late and they took the rest home.I can not believe how Hillary was ever allowed to run for President in the first place and why she has not been indicted or how they have let Obama continue to be President with all the lies and cover they both have done that cost the lives of our Military and lied so much to cover it up and still lying about it to save their butts,as far as Congress and their part in of lying and covering for both Hillary and Obama should be demanded by the people that they all be removed from office for covering up for them,there has been three or four CIA that has left since all the lies and cover-up they wanted no more part of it–the truth is in the movie and was dedicated to them,if justice is done looks like the people are the ones that will have to demand that they leave office and charges brought against all that had any part in the cover-up and there are a lot of them,we can find people to be placed in their seats.

    • At the very least she is inept at her job as Secretary of State. They need to keep her from seeking higher office for our national good.

    • Republican Party? This witch is a Democrat! How can you possibly blame the Republicans for the handling of emails, Benghazi, Libya? That just doesn’t make sense!

    • Maybe not because they did not get along. I notice that Obama being an Islamic muslim sides with the hard core Islamic muslim terrorist along with the socialist agenda. Even the Communist don’t like him.

  3. Like Tom DeLay is a good source. I will wait for the FBI to make their statement. We keep getting bits and pieces of stories that end up not being true. This one doesn’t sound right, right before Iowa.

  4. I remember the FBI coming public about indicting her this last year already and nothing was done. This is Treason and she should be executed for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, the Marines and other Americans she hung out to die. What Clinton and Obama did in Benghazi is exactly what the democratic party stands for and that is Anti-America and Anti-Constitution.

    • Exactly, that deadly incompetence and then continually lying about it alone is more than enough in my book that she should be in jail, not in the running for the WH. If she were anything but a Democrat that’s exactly where she’s be.

  5. The article says ” …according to House Majority leader Tom DeLay.”

    Uh, Tom Delay hasn’t been in the House since 2006, so how credible a source is this? He says, I”ve got friends in the FBI …” who, we are led to believe are sharing confidential information with him. Good way to lose one’s job and I don’t see telling anything to Tom DeLay being worth losing one’s job.

    • Dear RL,

      Sometimes career politicians simply cannot pass up the opportunity to see their name in print…again. The article provided no new information. Anyone with half a brain and any experience in dealing with classified material knows, assuming the facts as reported are true, that felonies are implicated in the conduct of HRC and many others, as someone pointed out.

      So, your point about leaks in a criminal investigation are well-taken. But leaks are not needed in this case, again, assuming the facts are as presented. Is there evidence from 20+ years ago that HRC knew what she was doing this iteration? Take a look, again, at “Unlimited Access.” Almost anyone with responsibility for managing and handling classified information has likely read it for background. Just take a look at it; it is the blueprint for much of what has been alleged here.

      DeLay is part of the Texas RINO establishment, so maybe I do not hold him in very high regard?

  6. Everybody knows the Clinton Crime Family deserves prison but the left rules the media and they will cover up deny and it will fade away in a couple of weeks!! Not because of the FBI but the BASE corruption of the “SYSTEM” !!!!

    • Dear Dd1,

      What we have been seeing with this administration more than any other administration, is the degree of impunity with which the bad actors act. Lois Lerner is just one example. But there are many more. Does anyone seriously doubt that we were mislead about the Benghazi attack to avoid any implication that BHO was not in control of the jihadists in Libya? And not only that, when the dust finally settles and all the facts are known, we may find that the guns used on the consulate attack were provided by BHO and HRC in a supply deal to fight Assad in Syria. Fast and Furious? Clinton is likely in the middle of that one, too–remember, she met with Vicente Fox before Brian Terry was killed and she had her photo op moment to announce that almost 90% of the guns in Mexico originated in America–that was a fabrication, but that is what she said in an attempt to get more traction on their efforts at gun control. It backfired when Brian Terry’s murder was linked–an unintended consequence.

      As I have pointed out, virtually every agency in this administration has lied, cheated or stolen. Why are we building FEMA detention centers? Help me out with that one?

      I know that all of this sounds like paranoia, but at no time in history, even when Japanese and Germans were interned during WWII have we ever seen detention centers around the country to control US citizens–not illegal aliens. It has gone beyond corruption and a pernicious sickness binding both parties. What logic leads one to conclude that we need to legitimize more than 20 million illegals? When Saudi and Iran are taking zero Muslim refugees, why are we? And we are excluding Christians and other minorities on a technicality that they do not qualify as refugees? really?

      Another book–this one my Melissa Phillips–“The World Turned Upside Down.” Go for it. Strange , but what is happening is straight from Communist ideology, along with Fascist ideology, playbook. If you are part of the favored, establishment elite, the law does not apply to you. But once you fall from favor, better watch out.

      • Why are Iran and Saudi Arabia taking no refugees? That is easy! Iran and Saudi are already muslim, we are not! Obummer intends for the USA to be muslim when he leaves office. Understand?

        • Dear NR,

          You get the first half of the answer. The second half of the answer is that Saudi Arabia and Iran do not want these pariahs in their territory. They are a threat and they know it.

          How many Palestinians have been taken in by Saudi Arabia? Care to venture a guess? If you say “zero,” you would be right.

          • You are correct from the viewpoint of Saudi Arabia and Iran. I was mainly speaking from the obummer viewpoint. He wants to bring that muslim trash into our country to replace the white Christian Americans that he intends to exterminate as soon as he can collect our damn guns!

  7. Isn’t she already being indicted in the public as each problem is revealed? And she’s still campaigning? I’d be very surprised if any thing comes of this. I mean, think of this. The man who made the videos of the horror of Planned Parenthood selling body parts for profit is indicted…not Planned Parenthood! How corrupt is our legal system for that to happen?

  8. The Republicans are a bunch of wimps no guts they should of impeached Obama yrs ago and the liar Clinton now Go Donald

  9. Impeach Lynch using the FBI Info on Hillary to prove Lynch has abused her position. Two For One. Hillary and Lynch both have their careers ended.

  10. To remind people what we’re dealing with, pull up the video of BJ looking right at the camera on national TV and lying his ass off about ‘that women, Ms Lewinsky’. When you sell your soul to the devil, like the Clinton’s have, lying is nothing more than another means to achieve your ends. This dastardly duo are highly skilled, well practiced, professional prevaricators of the first magnitude. Sadly, I do not envision this regime, even with solid proof, being able to proceed with an indictment. There’s simply too much at stake along with their track record of stonewalling and malfeasance. We can only hope there are enough people with integrity left at the FBI and DOJ to do the right thing and expose the attempted cover-up, if that what happens.

  11. the whole democrat base from obama on down belong in an iranian prison. they want socialism they can share roaches from the floor of a dungeon. they are all arch criminals and guilty of war crimes and treason.



  14. Please God don’t let this hateful criminal hitllery get away with her crimes against Americans… she has so much hate in her i cannot believe there are so many BLIND FOLLOWERS of this EGOTISTICAL, NARSACISTIC , MEAN , ICE FOR A HEART PERSON!!

  15. If Obama and his Attorney General stand in the way of enforcing the laws, IMPEACH BARACK HUSSEIN AND LORETTA LYNCH!

  16. There is enough heat that she will likely be indicted. Obama will pardon her on his way out, just like Slick Willy did for 245 criminals when he left. obama will probably have a longer list. She will never go to trial, too embarrassing for the administration.

  17. If lynch covers it up they should remove and prosecute her too for aiding and abetting. The legal system in our government is tainted by greed and corruption !!!

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