Liberals WORRIED As New Polls Show Trump TIED With Hillary!

Liberals WORRIED As New Polls Show Trump TIED With Hillary!

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are statistically tied according to multiple recent national Presidential polls.

According to The Hill:

“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are statistically tied in the latest hypothetical match-up as the Republican front-runner escalates his attacks against the leading Democrat.

When 1000 likely voters nation-wide were asked who they would support if the presidential election were held today, 37 percent said Clinton while 36 percent said Trump, according to the Rasmussen Reports telephone survey.

The poll’s margin of error is 3 percentage points, meaning Clinton and Trump are in a statistical dead heat. The poll is consistent with another recent survey by CNN/ORC which had Trump and Clinton within the margin of error.”



  1. Hillary tied sounds good; just not as a statistic. Who takes these “polls”? When are we going to be “polled” about what affect “polls” wield on the effect of “polls”? Is it more than a circuitous continuum of whatever blows up somebody’s dress? Somebody else’s dress mind you!

  2. How do you like that? Billary has been scheming, posturing, campaigning since Nixon days. And though she has had about a 40 year jump start on Trump, Trump catches up to her in a matter of six months. Are you ready to be in a great country again?! I’ll eternally take his agenda over hers —> the DNC/Billarys’ sinister and relentless slouching process toward communism, alternate families, magnetized diversions into endless weirdness, government control of all facets of society, government waste-waste,waste! confused lost children, angry women, passive/glazed over men, unemployment, hapless military, Bolshevik schools, government rations, religious “stir-fry” v.s. the honor of God, disarmament, Muslims taking over, government kingship & the populous in poverty, sex-in-public-square and prayer-nowhere, Christian holidays GONE, marijuana on the menu, gee … what else does Billary want? Well, it depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Her “husband”Bill, doesn’t know what the meaning of “is”is. And her “boss”B.O. doesn’t know what the meaning of isis is. She forever stands between these two and claims ignorance of their life-long shenanigans

  3. Pay attention to the numbers Hillary draws to a campaign speech and compare to what the numbers are for Trump…Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which is more popular !

    • that’s counting real, live, actual voters. Hillary doesn’t let the fact that someone isn’t registered, legal, alive, etc., stop her. Remember ACORN?


  5. Trump is a fool and a loudmouth and cannot win. Hillary is a criminal and a liar and cannot win. The other two Democrats have a heavy burden to overcome and will not win. That leaves the only possibilities in the rest of the Republican field. Of those, Cruz is the smartest and should win. There is hope.

        • Please tell us what makes you want to say that ! I don’t think anyone that has been as successful ín his business dealings could fit your description of him. Maybe it’s because I’m not a DIMM like yourself !

          • Oh! You don’t recognize a jerk when you hear him? How about when he referred to Carly Fiorina in an insulting way, because he did not like her looks? Or when he referred to Mexicans in an insulting way. Or when he referred to Muslims the same way? Whenever he opens his mouth, you never know what will come out. His ego is outstanding and his specifics on problem solving non-existent, except too say he is the only one who can take care of the problems. Add to that the fact that he changes his positions to suit the listener. [Whoever said he is not a politician?] He can’t be President, not because I don’t like him, but because he is incapable of carrying out the job, just like Obama before him.

          • Do you disagree that she did look bad and improved her looks after his statement? Also if you drill down on what he said it’s entirely different than reported,. As for saying what he might do, if he does nothing more but fix the illegal immgrant problem he will have done more for America than Obama has since being elected !

        • I don’t know how you come up with fool and jerk. Trump has started 500 businesses, has 125 attorneys working full time managing the legal end of all he’s built. He has 24,000 employees. He will campaign from his own 757 and pay for his own campaign. No drain on anyone. Cruz is good too. You may want to ease up on the name calling Gerald.

  6. I think Donald Trump could win by a land slide and the dems know it! He draws great crowds and I can’t tell you how many former democrats (blue collar workers) are willing to vote for Trump. Some probably cling to the fact that Bill had the economy working, but times have changed. Billsigned NAFTA which sent jobs away, let’s hope that Trump can persuade them to come ba ct to America!…………..making US great again!

  7. Hillary is scared and using Bill to help her. The guy is still cheating on her and she think’s he’s going to help her win the Whitehouse. His record is as bad as hers. They keep saying how great our economy was during the Clinton years but the economy was good all over the world. The high tech era began and that brought in tons of money. People need to really look down deep inside if they vote for her. She will finish off what Obama started.

    • Hillary is lesbian so it never has bothered her when Bill is with another woman. She is too. He had them coming in the back door, while Hillary had them coming through the kitchen door in the White House. They are together as a power couple, to help further each other’s careers. Bet it burns so bad for Hillary to see a gay Saudi Arabian plant with his mooching transexual wife get the presidency while she’s passed on.

      • Wow, Sugar. You know what’s going on. I have a friend who rode on AirForceOne and this friend reports the same as what you say. The Clintons are a ruse of a couple and twisted as the day is long.

  8. I do NOT believe their stats. Hillary should be in front of a judge because of the illegal things she has done. If anyone else had this much illegal things in there world they would have been in jail because many years have passed by and their charges would have come to a end by now. But Hillary is showing everyone what money will and can do.

  9. Yes, but when the other Republicans drop out, Trump will gain more votes. Hillary only has 2 to drop out to leave her some votes. Trump has 14? other candidates’ followers to go somewhere.

  10. I have friends who are Dumbocrats but won’t vote for hillary. Even those to supported ovomit for the second term won’t vote for hillary…..They KNOW she is a crimminal and should stand charged for her neglect of duties, corruption, and being a traitor. She doesn’t stand a chance (except in hell, maybe) of being elected. I have gay friends who won’t vote for her!!

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