Inside Job For Hillary? Sanders Blasts DNC As Dems Strip Bernie Of...

Inside Job For Hillary? Sanders Blasts DNC As Dems Strip Bernie Of Crucial Voter Information Just Weeks Before New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders holds a double digit lead in New Hampshire against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrat Presidential race, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Hillary is using the Democratic National Committee to go after the Vermont Senator.

After claiming a glitch allowed the Sanders campaign to access Clinton data for roughly a half hour recently, the DNC said it would be suspending the campaign’s access to voter information files just weeks away from the start of voting in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sanders is considering a lawsuit against the organization…

Former Dem candidate Jim Webb blasted the DNC, writing on Facebook “Good for Bernie. The DNC is nothing more than an arm for the Clinton campaign.”

According to The Hill:

“Bernie Sanders’s campaign says it notified the Democratic National Committee months ago of glitches in the party’s voter file that made sensitive information available to rivals, well before Sanders fired a staffer who accessed information from front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to a report by ABC News.

Michael Briggs, a Sanders campaign spokesman, told ABC News that the “vendor who runs the DNC’s voter file program continues to make serious errors”  and that the “the firewall between the data of different Democratic campaigns” has failed “on more than one occasion.”

“Our campaign months ago alerted the DNC to the fact that campaign data was being made available to other campaigns. At that time our campaign did not run to the media, relying instead on assurances from the vendor,” Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs told ABC News.

All three Democratic candidates have access to the DNC’s voter file. It acts as a two-way street, allowing candidates to rely on the party’s data to help target voters while also sharing campaign specific data with the party. While the party is able to see the master file, candidates are not supposed to be able to access data obtained by their rivals.

It also lays out the stipulations for Sanders to regain access to the voter file: “until the DNC is provided with a full accounting of whether or not this information was used and the way in which it was disposed.”



  1. Dear Mr. Bernie “Socialist/Communist” Sanders,

    You’ve just been SHAFTED by…..The Corrupt “CLINTON MACHINE”…how does it feel ?

  2. I have no respect for any of the liberal candidates, or liberals in general for that matter (that includes Republican liberals as well).

    They can eat their own for all I care. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a liberal….to live your entire life as a lie; to live your entire life accepting delusions because you believe they can benefit you personally in terms of control over others. What must that be like to live your entire life with no personal credibility or integrity at all…but only considering what might benefit you personally.

    What depth of putrid depravity and personal corruption must one fall to in order for that to be so enticing, that you hold nothing but rot and personal decay at the core of your soul. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

    No, none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. I get that. But, for someone to purposely and deliberately want to live their life like that, for nothing more than the possible benefit of personal gain and power at the expense of someone else….it just makes me wanna puke to think that is the way liberals choose to live their lives.

    May God have mercy on them.

    • Given the choice,I will vote Republicans unless Dems can clean up a long history of their history. This includes all the wrong doing of Slick Willie and Hilary.

      • I fully support your right to vote for whomever you choose. At this point, I can only say that if the Republicans nominate Trump or Cruz, then I too will vote Republican.

        If they nominate Bush, Christie, Kasich, Rubio or any of the other establishment candidates, then I will either vote libertarian, Constitution Party, or do a write-in….just as I did in the last election.

        You’ve just seen what the establishment Republicans did with latest budget…they fought for NOTHING, and are *increasing* funding for immigrants. They gave Obama everything he wanted. Unbelievable. Paul Ryan represents everything conservatives hate about Republicans and is the reason why there is such anger in this nation on the right.

        This is why if the Republicans nominate another establishment squish, there won’t be much difference between them and Hillary.

        Yes, I’ll vote Republican….*maybe*.

        • Hard to tell the difference between the parties anymore,but I believe the Repub party is a bit more conservative.


          • You’re correct. It is hard to tell the difference anymore. It’s kinna like saying Al Capone was a nicer gangster than John Dillinger.

  3. Sanders is being railroaded by the party.. If he allows this to happen by simply stepping aside graciously, he opens the door for this to be the practice from here on out……that the party will decide who they want.. Completely un-american.. He’s got to run as a 3rd party independent candidate to send a clear message to the DNC that these practices will not be tolerated.. It subverts the will of the people.

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