Despite Detroit’s Controversial #BlightScandal, Liberals Demand Billions More In Taxpayer Aid

Despite Detroit’s Controversial #BlightScandal, Liberals Demand Billions More In Taxpayer Aid

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Controversy surrounding the huge cost increase in removing blighted homes under the administration of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan (while shady backroom deals with contractors who donated to his campaign continue to raise questions as the feds investigate possible charges) isn’t stopping Democrat Rep. Dan Kildee from trying to bring more taxpayer dollars to Michigan’s east side after Congress approved more money earlier this week.

According to MLive:

“After working to secure more than $200 million to help demolish blighted properties in Michigan, a Flint congressman now expects another $2 billion to be allocated for the effort nationwide.

U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint Township, has led the charge to devote federal funds initially budgeted for mortgage relief programs to be used to wipe out urban blight in communities, like his native Flint, that need it most.

An omnibus spending bill before Congress this week would put another $2 billion in federal funds toward the endeavor.”

MLive notes the exact amount Flint or Detroit may get is not known.

“Exactly how much of the new $2 billion in funding might be allocated to Michigan and to individual communities like Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Grand Rapids and Pontiac, remains to be seen.

“It’s hard to say,” Kildee said.

But the congressman said he will work with the U.S. Treasury and continue to advocate for a funding formula that divides the funds based on levels of both need and capability.”



  1. The people of Detroit and their leaders have been destroying their city and now they want the taxpayers to flip the bill. Say no. let them live in what they’ve created

  2. No more. The animals and the unions destroyed it. Let them pay for it. The drug trade profit should pay for a big chunk.

  3. I recently ran into some financial problems and could use just a small amount==about $200,000.. to bail myself out. I am a veteran and would much like it asap. I did not abuse nor misuse any taxpayer money so i must be eligible,right. I know you will take care of the honest citizens first

  4. Democrats and their union buddies destroyed Detroit. The only thing good coming out of there now is the Detroit Lions.

  5. Not a penny.. This is nothing but another self-enrichment scheme by the democrat political class. Destroy the tax base, then glean the kickbacks from programs through control of funding and nepotism, crony capitalism, and more failed ‘projects’,

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