Bush And Rubio Continue To Struggle As Donald Trump Dominates Florida Polls


Despite home field advantage, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush continue to trail Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Presidential race by double digits.

Trump beats Rubio by nearly 20%, and is ahead of Bush by nearly 30%. Again, this is in Florida.

The Florida GOP Primary is March 15th.

According to Florida Politics:

“Donald Trump continues to lead in the Republican presidential race in Florida according to a St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is ascending in the Sunshine State and has moved up to second place.

Trump leads with 36 percent in the poll of Florida Republican voters. Cruz is now second with 22 percent. Marco Rubio is third at 17 percent. Jeb Bush is fourth in his home state, getting 9 percent. Ben Carson has slumped to fifth place with 6.3 percent. Chris Christie is at 3 percent. John Kasich is at 2 percent.

When asked if they would support Trump for president if he wins the Republican nomination, an overwhelming 73 percent say they will, while just 20 percent say they won’t. Another 7 percent say they’re not sure.”