Wow: Donald Trump DOUBLES His Lead In New Hampshire!

Wow: Donald Trump DOUBLES His Lead In New Hampshire!

2016 GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has increased his lead in New Hampshire, doubling his margin from September to an impressive 18 point advantage over his nearest competitor.

According to The Hill:

“Businessman Donald Trump has increased his lead in New Hampshire’s GOP presidential primary to 18 percentage points, a poll found Tuesday — nearly double his lead in September.

Trump has 32 percent in the Granite State, the CNN/WMUR survey found…

The December poll found that 59 percent believe Trump is winning New Hampshire’s primary. And 34 percent believe he is the Republican candidate with the best chance of winning the general election.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ranks second with 14 percent, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in third at 9 percent, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 8 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 7 percent.”



  1. Mitt Romney is a loser ! If the Republicain party wants to disband.Let the Establishment Republicains try it ? We are tired of you Idiots .

    • Agree….the GOP establishment RINO’s are finished, there out-a-here as are All socialist Democrats. The new independent conservatives will take over from here. Trump and his carefully, skillfully selected cabinet will wipe out all competition and make America great again. And when were back on top I am going to rub it in the face of all who were so f—-ing stupid and elected obama.

  2. The GOP estAblishment has shot itself in the foot in the last two elections by supporting losing candidates. Now they are doing it again. We have two viable candidates–Trump and Cruz but GOP wants Bush. We will lose and Hillary will be president

    • Candidates like Romney lost with the help of the REAL RINOS, who would not support the nominee. ANY GOP nominee will not win as long as the party is splintered. A strong conservative will not win if moderate conservatives stay home and do not support him/her. We must all support the nominee to win.

    • Can,t understand why they want a looser, We the people will make the choice of who we want. Take bush and go 2 hell.Trump in 2016 hope you-all understand that.Good Americans will vote for him as a Rep. or 3rd 4th 5th or any other party.If I were you I would start saving all of that money, he don,t need any of it and that really pisses you-all off.

      • The USA is ruled by a corporate/political Oligarchy which is why nothing ever changes no matter who we vote in. Trump is the only one who can literally
        give us our nation back. He is not owned like the rest.

  3. 96% of the military support Donald Trump!

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud is “The Trojan Horse of Islam”.

    The democrats seem to have short memories when ” Jimmy Carter” during the Iranian Hostage Crisis deported all Iranians from the United States and barred them from entering the U.S..

    This was done in a time when our country actually vetted foreigners coming into the country legally and actually vetted presidents as well.

    We the people of the United States are at war with radicalized Islam that have over 22 terrorists training camps on American soil training to kill Americans.

    We have radicalized Muslims executing American citizens on our own soil and a criminal traitor fraud president who’s allegiance lays with the terrorists.

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    Joseph Chirstian Henry Ardito

  4. Donald Tump is for the people and polls that reflect otherwise are owned by socialist-Marxist democratic media.

    The billionaire Clintons own major stock in the media including and not limited to NBC, CBS,ABC,CNN,MSNBC and there subsidiaries.

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  5. It is no surprise to me wnat Mr. Trump is attaining. I knew he would the minute he announced is candidacy. I have been a life-long Dem but not since he made his announcement. I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. Trump will be our next president (unless he is assassinated by some dummy GOP, Dem or a Muslim).

    He has already proven himself to be right so many times. He has a proven track record of attainment of deals and running big business. Clearly and it’s about time, Mr. Trump leads because he says it the way it is and is honest with his campaign presentations. It is NOT because the general American voters want to hear his comments that the establishment consider appalling. It is because finally someone steps up and says what we NEED, not what we WANT. Look around you. People feel good about Mr. Trump because they know he will do what he says for America. He believes. His comments have brought out the stupidity of the media and politicians who are either running scared or are uncontrollably jealous of Mr. Trump’s ability to make things happen. And it’s one thing why: He doesn’t lie nor is he an incompetent politician like we now have from the President on down… EVERYONE in government has ruined this nation for the past 3 decades.

    • Go Trump ………….the past 2 elections were hold your nose and vote, of go for elmer fudd,who would’ve done better these past 7 yrs than obama,you can bet obama will be up to no good a few months before the elections 2016 martial law or somethng,and if not him then the gop, but if Trump sweeps all 50 states which I believe he will,it will be,the people have spoken and it will be Trump,so if someone dems or establishment tries funny stuff it will be civil war and nobody will be able to stop it other than WE THE PEOPLE !!

  6. Karl Rove and the ole guard GOP stalwarts have finally met their Waterloo…..If they attempt any shenanigans or back room brokered deals it will be the death knell of the republican party….Those of us who held their noses and voted for John McPain (pun intended) and Mitt Romney have had enough of Karl Rove and his political hacks….Jeb Bush was their initial favorite but since his campaign didn’t get off the ground it appears that they have switched to Rubio who is a junior ole guard Rush trying to graduate to the senior fraternity…..The 2012 election should have been a slam dunk for the GOP but choosing Romney proved to be a disaster……

  7. He has also increased his lead among us that think he is the craziest among all the crazy GOP candidates. These Bozos make Nixon and Reagan look good. Where has MY GOP gone?

  8. trump is right to go to syria and create safe zones for peaceful muslims and train syrians to fight isis. not bring them to america and risk jhadists sneaking in with refugees. until each person can be realistically vetted with background history as to who they are they should not be in america.

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