Wow: “Clock Boy” Sues Texas City And School District For MILLIONS

Wow: “Clock Boy” Sues Texas City And School District For MILLIONS

“Clock Boy” is suing his local school district as well as the city of Irving, Texas for a combined $15 million dollars after his lawyers allege the controversial incident involving a homemade clock at the boy’s school hurt his reputation “in the global community.”

Clock Boy now lives in Qatar…

According to The Hill:

“The family of Ahmed Mohamed, the teenager arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school in September, is demanding $15 million and several apologies, their lawyers announced Monday.

An attorney for the family wrote in letters published by the Dallas Morning News that they want $10 million in damages from the city of Irving, Texas, and $5 million from the local school district.

“Ahmed’s reputation in the global community is permanently scarred,” read both letters to Texas officials, which were sent Monday and elaborated on details from the incident.
As many as seven adults interrogated the 14-year-old, who was pressured to sign a statement saying he intended to bring a “hoax bomb” to the school, according to the letters, which threaten a civil lawsuit if their demands are not met.
The family has also asked for a written apology from the city’s mayor and police chief for the incident, which drew international headlines and an outpouring of sympathy on social media.”


    • “Set up”? Really? Have you researched the whole story?
      The only set up was prez o. taking advantage of this badly frightened family. The incident was splashed over the local news here. Many upset parents around here about the traumatic treatment of this 14 year old shy freshman with a reputation of a budding junior inventor.

  1. “Ahmed Mohammed” for Christ’s sake, brings a BOMB to class, and of course, our President, being a microcephalic Islamic radical imbecile, invites the little bastard to the WHITE HOUSE, and Obama encourages him to sue the school district. Wanna bet that’s how it rolled?

    • So, judgmental, are you? How did your brilliance arrive at your masterful conclusion?
      That “little Ba**rd” as you called him was a 14 year old freshman at a local high school and had a reputation as a junior inventor. He brought his working clock to school to show how a working clock could be made out of unrelated parts. Sure, his invention looked clumsy because of his limited resources. A hair-triggered “teacher” panicked and called the police who pounced on the kid like a hardened criminal. The 14 year old shy kid was arrested in front of his classmates, handcuffed, and chained and hauled out of an active class session. Then, he was questioned and threaten for hours while in custody.
      You better believe there were a LOT of upset parents around here after this incident splashed over the local news. The local “authorities” got what they earned for nearly frightening the life out of that child and his family.

      Did prez o. get political mileage out of this scared family’s predicament? Yes. Not the fault of the kid’s family. They were badly frightened and were led and confused by other opportunists.

      You would do better by researching the news thoroughly before shooting first and questions later.

      Kindly remove the name “Republican” from your epitaph. You give the rest of us a bad reputation.

      • Not judgmental at all. My observations are PERFECT in every detail. In the age of terror, which apparently you’ve been out to lunch on, and have missed every terrorist attack of the last 15 years, we Americans are just a tad on edge, why with two of the tallest buildings in the world and 3000 of their occupants vaporized, and all. Ya know? Little things like that… Before this freaking case was even adjudicated, our Kenyan, Muslim, Communist, misbegotten “president’ invited the little terrorist to the White House! Not the first time our “president” shot first, and asked questions later. Before Michael Brown’s idiot body was cold, Obungo was dispatching White House reps to the scene of the “Gentle Giant’s” untimely demise. >snif!< Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? The stupid "clock" was actually a dismembered Radio Shack LED clock that a four-year-old could've produced. You are NOT a Republican. YOU are a RINO, the type of Republican that makes us LOSE elections. I'll NOT change the name. I may even find something even MORE militant, if I so choose. You may be seated. School's out.

  2. He was probably coached by the libturds in the WH visit and the lawyers smelled MONEY right away! He pulls the hoax and he sues for defamation! Boy, do we ever live in an a$$ backwards society!!!

    • The kid did NOT pull a hoax. Our local news carried the details. The kid was a junior inventor. The clock was a true working clock although clumsy looking because of the young kid’s shortage of resources. He was arrested in front of his classmates, handcuffed and chained and lead out of his class room. This happened during a class session in progress.
      All because of a stupid and ignorant and hair-trigger “teacher”. A 14 year old kid!
      A mere high school freshman treated like a harden criminal. You can bet your bippy that there were a LOT of upset parents around here. The IISD is normally pretty good about education, but they do get some dumb teachers in there now and then.

      The “authorities” around here were taught a lesson they should have already known.

  3. Now lives in Qatar. Home of Hamas. I understood there was no “school clock project” for the students and that the kids father was being watched as some kind of activist not in the US interest. Complete set up

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