Ben Carson DESTROYS Media Over Fake Scandals As Lack Of Obama Scrutiny...

Ben Carson DESTROYS Media Over Fake Scandals As Lack Of Obama Scrutiny Questioned

Dr. Ben Carson took to Facebook today ahead of the 2016 GOP Presidential debate hosted by Fox Business to blast recent media coverage of alleged “scandals.”

Carson used humor to take down media reports that have been widely criticized, with many ConservativesĀ arguing that President Obama was given a free pass compared to the intense coverage Carson has been subject to.

Below are some of Carson’s posts, along with a new campaign video:



  1. The liberal media is showing their true colors…..they are so used to hearing lies they cannot see when someone is telling the truth.

  2. the liberal media lies, deceives and obfuscates…. they have an agenda and all it is is Propaganda for Oblamer’s sake….

  3. Ben Carson is one of a few honest, intelligent, dedicated man of faith among the men/women running for President.

  4. Ben Carson never was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. That is an outright LIE. That is a medal reserved for the highest Military Valor. To claim he won that is to put himself in danger of falling afoul of Stolen Valor. But I don’t think he would be so stupid as to claim a military medal for valor when eh never served. In fact, in 1972, he voted for McGovern because he was Anti-war.

    He was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008. This is a completely different medal. Get your facts straight.

    • where does it say Congressional Medal of Honor? it just says Medal of Honor… you getting your facts from the liberal media? and not every soldier is for every war either… he voted his conscience. that does not make him unpatriotic. you really like to twist things, don’t you, Diana?

  5. I laughed so hard! Media deserves to be ridiculed, after their tireless efforts to create fake scandals about Dr. Ben Carson!

  6. I’ve heard rhat once Ben just stood by while someone removed the tag from a 10-year-old mattress, thus making him an accomplice to a federal violation. Still, I’m for him 100%!

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