After 5th Circuit Rules Against Amnesty Executive Order, Obama Will Appeal To Supreme Court

President Obama says he will appeal a ruling by the 5th Circuit Court Of Appeals that says his Executive Order granting amnesty to over 5 million illegal immigrants is illegal.

The development sets the stage for an election year ruling that may have serious ramifications in the 2016 race for President, as well as in House and Senate races nationwide…

According to The Hill:

“The Obama administration announced Tuesday it plans to file an appeal to the Supreme Court of a ruling that blocks the president’s executive actions on immigration.

The decision comes less than one day after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to keep an injunction in place that has prevented the programs from taking effect.

“The department disagrees with the Fifth Circuit’s adverse ruling and intends to seek further review from the Supreme Court of the United States,” Department of Justice spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said in a statement.

The administration’s decision was widely expected, and sets up a potential high-stakes court battle over Obama’s immigration policies in the midst of an election year.”