Did Trey Gowdy Just Endorse Rand Paul?

Did Trey Gowdy Just Endorse Rand Paul?

Senator Rand Paul appeared with Representatives Trey Gowdy and Mick Mulvaney at an event in South Carolina Friday, also joined by Sen. Tim Scott.

Rep. Mulvaney is officially backing Paul while Gowdy and Scott have yet to endorse…

According to the Charlotte Business Journal:

“Before Hillary Clinton and the Democrats take the national stage atWinthrop University on Friday night for an MSNBC presidential forum, the campus heard from a Republican candidate: U.S. Sen. Rand Paul brought his brand of Libertarian-infused conservatism during an hour-long Q-and-A session with Republican colleagues Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina Congressman, and Tim Scott, the state’s junior U.S. Senator.

Gowdy, best known for his role steering the House committee hearings on Benghazi, including an 11-hour grilling of Clinton, the former secretary of state, appeared with Scott, whose traveling town-hall sessions have brought Republican presidential candidates to various cities across South Carolina. Surprisingly, neither the confluence of Clinton and Gowdy being on the same campus on the same day nor the recent hearings arose as an issue.

Scott and Gowdy read questions submitted by South Carolinians on issues ranging from judicial activism and national defense and surveillance to monetary policy, veterans’ health care and reckoning with the rising power of China.”

The article also notes Paul has roots in the region.

“Paul has ties to the Carolinas: He attended medical school at Duke University. He is an opthalmologist. While answering a question about veterans, Paul mentioned working in VA hospitals in Fayetteville, Durham and Asheville”



  1. #standwithrand The only candidate fighting for the WHOLE Bill of Rights and can work with those across the aisle for meaningful reform.

  2. We must have a winner Rand Paul is another Jeb Bush a loser who will cost us the future we have one chance in 2016 or Marxism takes over .Rand was cowering under the glare of Trump Putin will terrify him.

    • Hey moron, Rand’s poll numbers vs the Dumbocrats are some of the best–if not THE best. He’s the only candidate that appeals to swing voters, since he’s the only one to even ATTEMPT to grow the party, dumb ass!

      Yeah, you’re a Dump supporter, that says it all.

  3. I like Cruz, Trump; I think Dr. Carson has a great plan for all of the illegals in the Country but not sure on the Tax plans of the candidates. I also have noticed how the media has some what ignored Carly Fiorina yet she is very well versed on the issues and tends to hold her own. How many of the other candidates have dissed her ideas?????? Outside of Trump making disparaging remarks about her face and then last night attacking her about interrupting I don’t remember any of the others debate against what she has had to say. Anyone else notice?

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