Breaking: Massive Dem Voter Fraud In NH? Police Report Dramatic Surge In Illegals Seeking State ID’s

Police reports of illegal activity at New Hampshire Secretary of State offices are surging, leaving some wondering if a large voter fraud operation may be underway in the “Live Free Or Die” state in anticipation of 2016.

Criminal charges for illegals trying to obtain state ID’s are up nearly 500%.

According to WMUR:

“State police said they have seen an alarming jump in the number of people using fake information to get New Hampshire driver’s licenses, with four arrests made this week.

Police said two people were using some of the same false information at two Department of Motor Vehicle locations hours apart…

About two hours after Pena Reyes was arrested, Alberto Martinez, 50, was using some of the same fake information at the Salem DMV to try to renew a driver’s license, police said.

“Ultimately, we learned that he was also in the country illegally and used a false identity to try to get a New Hampshire license,” Sgt. Andrew Player said. “During the course of the investigation, we also found a second false identity in his possession.”

Officials said they usually see only about five or six such identity fraud cases in a year, but so far in 2015, 26 people have been charged with using false identities at the DMV.

“The danger is you have very bad people who are trying to hide back into society,” Player said. “They’re trying to merge back into society. They’re trying to hide from outstanding arrest warrants. They’re people that aren’t supposed to be here.”