Breaking: Donald Trump Sides With CNN, Calls Ben Carson A Liar

Breaking: Donald Trump Sides With CNN, Calls Ben Carson A Liar

The 2016 GOP Presidential race is heating up big time.

Donald Trump is taking to social media to call Dr. Ben Carson a liar over past statements regarding his troubled youth. Trump said Carson is probably “fabricating” the stories, but it’s “even worse” if true.

Trump’s accusations comes on the heels of a CNN “investigation” into Carson’s childhood that has been widely criticized as poor reporting. After all, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence-especially 50 YEARS LATER!

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump is attacking Ben Carson, who has risen to become the real estate tycoon’s closest rival in polls for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump took to Twitter, his preferred medium for lobbing bombs at his political foes, to target the retired neurosurgeon late Thursday and early Friday for remarks on his violent past.

“The Carson story is either a total fabrication or, if true, even worse-trying to hit mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing friend!” Trump tweeted.

The tweet came after a CNN investigation published earlier Thursday called into question some of Carson’s descriptions of past violent actions.

Carson has openly remarked in his book and public statements about “punching a classmate in the face with his hand wrapped around a lock, leaving a bloody three-inch gash in the boy’s forehead; attempting to attack his own mother with a hammer following an argument over clothes; hurling a large rock at a boy,” according to CNN.

CNN followed up by reporting that nine friends, neighbors and classmates who grew up with Carson said they didn’t recall the violence described by the candidate.

“With Ben Carson wanting to hit his mother on head with a hammer, stabb [sic] a friend and Pyramids built for grain storage – don’t people get it?” Trump tweeted Friday.”



  1. This will do it for me! Hey Donald, no one likes a, “Cheap Shot Artist!” I’ll bet you’ve got a load of crap in your closet! You sound like a, “Spoiled Brat!” You don’t build yourself up by tearing someone down! Grow Up!

  2. Leave Mr. Trump alone! These people have no right to be running with a shady past! Maybe you are a criminal as well!

  3. Trump, you’re a jerk. Not presidential at all in my humble opinion. The words you use are directly from the grade school play yard. Please stick to the issues and don’t lower yourself to the other side by calling names and looking for weaknesses that aren’t there. Be respectful and run a clean race. Win by merit and not stories true or not. I’m voting for character and if that’s the worst they can dig up on Ben, he still has my vote. At one time you had it but due to your lowbrow tactics and bragadicious ways drove me away. Tighten up Donald, this is the presidency were talking about here. Not president of the neighborhood watch.

    • I at one time was for Trump also. I find his tactics disgusting and have switched to ANY one else besides him!!!!!

    • I am no raving fan of Mr. Trump, but he is a force to be reckoned with, and I delight in his making fools of the corrupt media and D.C. cognoscenti. Even if Dr. Carson is as truthful as Solomon, the vast undecided and independent electorate will use common sense: he is not a conservative. Far more consistent conservatives exist in this race, though they are unfortunately White. At least until another shoe drops for GOP contenders, the way is opening up for a Trump/Cruz ticket to keep the Clintons from desecrating the White House once more. [I want Cruz, but he’s not electable in a general election whereas the colorful Donald, apparently is.]

      Those Carson supporters who lambaste Mr. Trump for his ego and former liberal positions are hypocrites. If one reads Dr. Carson’s books, especially those written 5+ years ago, one sees policy positions like those for which Trump is excoriated for having held before. Carson’s books are, each of them, extended essays on his accomplishments and sagacity, their covers all featuring Dr. Ben as star of the show. One can grant an autobiography or two from such an accomplished man; but a lifelong string of self-aggrandizing tomes does not sit well with most people, as the Trump-bashers say. Well, if the shoe fits, Carson crowd…

      The key fact is that Ben Carson’s personality and experience leave him totally unfit for the presidency — considerably more so than was the case for the unknown Barack Hussein Obama. Whatever one might deduce about his truthfulness (I grant him benefit of the doubt), he is a milquetoast. Yes, he is my brother in Christ; I can love him like my own flesh and blood for that. But I wouldn’t want him as my president, because bearing and mien are vital qualifications for the presidency, and I learned a great deal with Messrs. Ford, Carter, and Obama.

      It is time for Americans to move beyond racial politics. Be honest with yourself if you are one of Dr. Carson’s breathless followers: would you support a White milquetoast neurosurgeon who displayed his lack of acumen in world affairs and public policy? The folly of reverse discrimination was settled beyond all doubt with Obama’s free pass.

      Besides his milquetoast personality, Dr. Carson has been as centrist-liberal as Chris Christie; definitely to the left of Jeb Bush. The only motivation for the TEA Party Carson train is Affirmative Action — and that is simply wrong. Ironically, this very pandering to socialists, homosexuals, abortionists and minorities was why the TEA Party (initially) refused to ally itself with the capitulating GOP.

      If any good can come from these liberal media hijinks, it will be that a more careful vetting of the candidate will ensue, and the Right will not follow the Left as the GOP leadership has done, in its destructive capitulation to racial politics.

  4. Grand dad said that..that white “STUFF” on the top of CHICKEN SHEIT”..ain’t FROSTING..It’s just “MORE CHICKEN SHEIT” !! TRUMP>>>>YOU”RE FIRED !!!!!

  5. What a bafoon.
    I’m officially done with TRUMP.
    It’s an inside feeling in my gut with numerous red flags and alarms going off.

    I believe he’s a Globalist Plant. As Obama was the perfect shoe-in for uneducated and ill-informed Americans in the past,…. it’s clear (to me) that TRUMP is the perfect ….what I call… Pendullum Plant President for this next election cycle. It’s just like the Dem’s and Republicans in Washington,..they’re all on the same TEAR DOWN AMERICA team. They say one thing to get elected (i.e. Lie),…and do the opposite when they get to Washington (because of bribery, real personal philosophy, death threat, or just staying true to their Masonic promise). TRUMP is the perfect pendullum president that makes stupid Americans FEEL good. QUESTION: If / When TRUMP is elected, will he help business and jobs and increase foriegn policy and border strength? YES! Absolutely!… Why? How? Becuase it is freaking easy to do. It’s a no-brainer. But it’s only a “pedullum swing” for the same United Nations / Piss on the American Constitution. Bottom Line: America (and our children) will be no better off in the long run with TRUMP because he is only offering Band-Aid promises (first clue). There’s no way this “Mr. Art of The Deal” / Gold plated toilets / Egoist,… is not going to attempt to cash-in on the the New World Order Push. He agreed (I’ll bet ya!).. to do his duty,… and pay his dues,.. for the promise of generational benefits. Conspiratorial? Yep!… but that’s the way of the world man! It’s all a chess match. Unfortunately,.. most Americans can only play checkers, while the Globalist Elite Players (that we stupidly elect) are playing chess. They are always 3 to 5 moves ahead of Public Schooled – Dumbed Down (Common Core) America. TRUMP is a pendullum plant folks. So go ahead,. and FEEL him,.. ENJOY him on Saturday Night Live. Laugh! Have a good ole time FEELING that He’s Your Man For America! But he aint. A vote for Trumpl is only going to put the Death of American back into first gear. Hillary will kick it into overdrive. But make no mistake. They are BOTH on the same team. Carson / Cruz all the way.. with much prayer for our nation and children. In God We Trust. (Not The Globalist State Knucleheads Who Worship Lucifer) Here’s an interesting idea: What if “The Border Wall” is more to keep you inside a future slave state?

  6. It’s funny how everyone comments about carson about what the news says but as soon as Trump makes a comment ….everyone attacks him… sad small minds think…….TRUMP=WHITE HOUSE

    • So Lisa Brown, allow me a question? Please try to understand this question. I do not hold out much hope that you will, but I guess we will see.
      Your candidate Mr. Trump declared bankruptcy on four occasions, which are a matter of public record. Thousands of working class people were laid off and he lost all those businesses, and has been forbidden from reentering that business field, due to illegal actions on his part.
      He says he took advantage of the bankruptcy laws because that is why they are there. OK.
      Here’s my question: What do you call a man who shirks his responsability to pay his debts, when all along he has the money to pay them? Let me be clear. I’m not saying he did not have the right to do what he did. He certainly had the right.
      What though, do you call a billionaire man, who has the money and allows debt to increase to 900 million dollars on one property, (I think it took 4 years for the debt to amass to that level), and instead of just writing a check, WHICH HE COULD HAVE EASILY DONE, he declares bancruptcy and lays off thousands, jobs he could have saved but decided not to.
      What do you call such a man? Immoral? Liar? Greedy?
      He likes to point out that he took advantage of the bankruptcy laws and there is nothing wrong with that. He certainly is right about that, but haven’t you had enough of politicians who game the system because they can and the law says it’s all right?

  7. Dear little Donny. I know you find this hard to believe, but when you depend on liberal media outlets for your info and they have an agenda that is anti-American, it might be better for you if you not align yourself with the purveyors of falsehood.
    Oh shoot look who I’m talking to. A man who is so full of himself he can’t take the time to tell the truth himself.

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