Must Watch: Ted Cruz SCHOOLS Obama Hack On Controversial Anti-Gun Program!

Cruz/Obama (Via Salon)

Senator Ted Cruz pulled no punches recently when questioning President Obama’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General.

According to BizPacReview:

“Sen. Ted Cruz blasted one nominee for associate attorney general Wednesday for his participation in a Department of Justice scheme called “Operation Choke Point,” a program that resulted in alleged attempts to run businesses the Obama administration deems undesirable into failure.

The Texas Republican firebrand hammered the nominee, Stuart Delery, at Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for his approval of the initiative in which DOJ lawyers intimidated banks into cutting off financial services to businesses such as gun manufacturers and dealers.”

The article continues:

“Cruz got to specifics. He established that Delery gave his approval to the scheme that ultimately undermined the DOJ’s integrity.

“The object of Operation Choke Point was to cut off the lines of credit … to lawful small businesses,” he said, before asking Delery what legal authority he used to drive lawful sellers of firearms and ammunition out of business.

Delany claimed the scheme wasn’t meant to target lawful businesses, but rather to go after “fraud in the payment system.”

Cruz cut him off.

“On the list of high risk activities, ammunition sales and firearm sales are included,” Cruz said. “Is there any indication that ammunition sales and firearm sales constitute fraud?”