Breaking: Chris Christie Just Received Devastating News

Breaking: Chris Christie Just Received Devastating News

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received some bad news tonight.

According to Politico:

“It’s looking like Chris Christie may not make the primetime debate stage at next week’s Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal debate.

While Fox Business will not officially announce the lineup until Thursday, a new Fox News poll released late Wednesday puts him at 2 percent. That likely means Christie will get bumped to the undercard stage — a big blow for the New Jersey governor, especially because it comes as he appeared to be gaining some traction in the presidential race.”

>>>Christie on track to get bumped from main stage at next GOP debate


  1. That would be a real shame as, like him or not, he’s worked bloody hard as a politician, is very knowledgeable about issues facing America and doesn’t deserve to be cast aside. I don’t know if Rand Paul will make the big one but, if he does, Christie is a far better candidate.

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