Watch: Harry Reid Blocks Ted Cruz From Introducing Kate’s Law

Senator Ted Cruz tried to bring “Kate’s Law” to the Senate floor today, but was blocked by Harry Reid.

The bill, named after Kate Steinle, the woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been previously arrested in San Francisco, was not voted on. (That Sheriff lost yesterday.)

“I’m sorry that the Democratic party doesn’t want to spend the money to lock up murderers, and instead, apparently, it’s cheaper to lose our sons and daughters,” Cruz said. “I think we have the resources to lock up murderers.”

“When the Democratic leader suggests that incarcerating aggravated felons, murderers and rapists who illegally re-enter this country is somehow a slight to immigrants — well…I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba,” Cruz said. “There is no one in this chamber who will stand and fight harder for legal immigrants than I will.”