BLAZED: Glenn Beck Offers To Host Republican Presidential Debate

BLAZED: Glenn Beck Offers To Host Republican Presidential Debate

Glenn Beck

After the backlash over CNBC’s controversial debate, Glenn Beck, founder of The Blaze, has told the Republican National Committee he is willing to host a presidential debate.

Donald Trump says he’s OK with Beck as a moderator…

According to GlennBeck.Com:

“The response to Glenn’s big announcement Monday night has been overwhelming. In case you missed it, Glenn announced the offer he made to the Republican National Committee for TheBlaze to take on the ninth and final debate for the Republican nominee.

After the announcement, thousands of people took to Facebook and Twitter to help carry on the conversation, including several GOP candidates. When asked by a reporter if he would attend a debate hosted by TheBlaze, Donald Trump said, “Sounds ok to me!”



  1. I have listened to Mr Beck occasionally and it seems he and members of his radio program has a great dislike for Mr. Trump and lately seems to be supporting Carly Fiorini. Not convinced he could be objective enough to promote this fairly.

  2. The 9th. & FINAL GOP Debate on the Blaze !! Would Glenn be the ONLY moderator?
    Or could-would there be Judge Andrew Napalitano, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Megan Kelly Britt Hume, or Any other suggestions? Just asking !!

  3. Beck wants to host? I guess he can do what he wants but, stay home and watch with Hannity, Pat and Stu. Mark Levin would be good. Sarah Palin also. Try Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, or Kevin Gutzman. I am not endorsing none yet but Trump has a way of getting his message over. He just says what he means. That scares the hell out of Beck and his 2 yayhoos. One more how about Andrew Wilkow?

  4. Glenn Beck has become a RINO. We no longer listen to him if at all possible. He will be as biased as the Democratic media moderators. Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh……now there’s a moderator team.

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