Watch: Senator Ben Sasse Gives EPIC First Speech On The Senate Floor!

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse recently took to the Senate floor to deliver his first speech, known in political circles as his “maiden speech.”

Sasse, a Tea Party fave from Nebraska, has drawn strong praise from Conservatives over his comments.

One of his fans is Sarah Palin.

“This is why we respect this guy,” Palin said in a Facebook post linking to the speech. “(H)is guts and gumption in expressing what many Americans recognize as a foundational problem resulting in an insolvent, less sovereign nation – and his commitment to taking action.

I appreciate him taking responsibility “to blow the whistle on these problems so Americans are aware of them.”

Thank you, Senator Ben Sasse.”

According to Breitbart:

“Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) delivered his maiden speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, in which he dropped a major bomb: He’s questioning the existence of the U.S. Senate.

Sasse began his speech by explaining exactly why he waited a full year after the 2014 elections to deliver his maiden speech. A newly elected Senator’s maiden floor speech is always a significant deal for them, and Sasse has been outspoken against the permanent political class in venues outside the Senate floor until now. Now that he’s fighting against Washington, D.C., on the floor, he’s likely only going to get bolder and bolder in how he goes after the career politician class.

Sasse, a freshman conservative, said:

“I’ve done two things in my adult worklife: I’m a historian by training and a strategy guy by vocation. Before becoming a college president, I helped over a dozen organizations find strategies to get through some very ugly crises.

One important lesson I learned over and over is that, when you walk into any troubled organization, there is a delicate balance between expressing human empathy and yet not passively sweeping hard truths under the rug. On the one hand, it is absolutely essential to listen first, to ask questions first to learn how a broken institution got to where it is because there are reasons. Things drift and fray for reasons; people rarely set out to break special institutions they inherit.

Still, empathy cannot change the reality that a bankrupt company is spending more to build its products than customers are willing to pay for them; a college with too few students is not only out of money but out of spirit; a charity that cannot persuade enough donors to invest in its cause might not have the right cause.”

Watch a clip below, and CLICK HERE for the full speech!