Developing: Carson Soars Ahead Of Trump In Iowa

Developing: Carson Soars Ahead Of Trump In Iowa

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has passed Donald Trump in Iowa according to a new poll.

Carson grabs 28% compared to Trump’s 20%.

According to Politico:

“Ben Carson has surged past Donald Trump in Iowa, according to a Quinnipiac University poll of likely Republican caucus participants out Thursday.

The retired neurosurgeon leads the Republican field with 28 percent, while Trump has fallen behind with 20 percent. A September survey had Trump at 27 percent, and Carson at 21 percent…

The strong showing from Carson, who has gotten accolades for his debate performance and campaign style despite tossing out some inflammatory comments about Muslims and mass shootings, comes in part from his support from women, who back Carson 33 percent to Trump’s 13 percent.

Carson also has “almost unheard of” favorability numbers according to Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Those who know Carson seem to like him. He has an almost unheard of 84/10 percent favorability rating among likely Republican caucus-goers, compared to Trump’s 53/43 percent rating. To borrow the line from Madison Avenue, ‘Almost no one doesn’t like Ben Carson,’” Brown said.”



  1. Are the Republicans trying to follow in the footsteps of the 2008 Democrats? Ben Carson is a nice guy and an accomplished physician but what qualifies him to be the next POTUS? Is he more qualified for the job than Obama was in 2008 or even now? I can understand how many Republicans would like to select someone not in the political system, but there are plenty of options available. I would suggest someone with military credentials since America’s protection is the main job of any president. All current candidates are making big promises (as they always do) but I do not see any one of them qualified for the job. It would be nice to have another Reagan (at least he believed in the military) but that will not happen.

    • Carson is as much qualified than Odumbass was when his got elected and destroyed the US. People were afraid of Sarah Palin becoming president because Jihn McCain was a old geezer and at least she governed a state well I might add. The stupid democrats and the wushu washy centric voters put a first term Senator out of the most God awful states (Illinois) in the White House. Almost eight years later we have the most divisive government and attorney general ever. We have world wide chaos that we have never seen before. Russia is stepping up and getting a strategic foothold in the Middle East. Russia is aligning with Iran for a gods sake!
      I’ve had it with career politicians who are beholden to special interests. At least Carson is willing to go down in flames for what he believes

      • Carson is more qualified Obama was and after six-plus years he is still more qualified than Obama.
        As for integrity, Carson has it, Hillary is totally devoid of any integrity or honesty.
        Carson wants to serve the Country. Hillary’s goal is to serve herself and will do and say anything to obtain the ultimate power and wealth at the expense of the Country.

        • Yes, I believe Carson is the best choice hands down. Intelligence, calm demeanor, integrity and an innate ability to use critical thinking that any democrat could ever dream of having.

    • Carson has excellent qualifications. He is smart and cool under pressure. His candidacy, just like O’s will bring in black voters, where they never voted before. There is no military candidate running in either party. Perhaps you forgot that point? In any event, Ted Cruz is the best qualified candidate running for the major parties. If Cruz, or Carson does not become the candidate, we will be relegated to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, but, considering the circumstances, where the USA is in desperate condition, Johnson might just win. I say Cruz/Carson is the best ticket for the USA. Failing that, it’s Gary Johnson, the Libertarian.

      • I admit that Carson is calm and cool under pressure (in an operating room) just as Obama was probably calm and cool as a community organizer. You forgot about Lindsey Graham with military experience (although I wouldn’t vote for him). As for bringing in black voters Carson is running as a Republican and, just as Sarah Palin could not deliver the female vote, he will not get the black vote. We will finally settle on a candidate, but I suspect they will be entirely different from what they appear. Yes, I am a little cynical about politicians.

        • Carson will get some of the black vote and perhaps a lot. Who else are the blacks going to support? Hillary? That’s a joke. She will not get substantial black support, if Carson runs. As soon as Trump folds, the picture will clear. (P.S.: I did forget about Lindsay Graham, but so has everyone else.)

  2. I don’t believe these Polls. Dr. Carson is a wonderful person but no real business experience. This Country needs someone that knows you can’t spend more than what you have coming in, that can balance a budget and knows how to deal with people from other countries. That person is Donald Trump. He knows how to get things done.

    • I always think the most insulting actions toward women are those who promote the conventional wisdom which says:

      1. Women are such robots that they’ll vote for Hillary, based on nothing more than she’s a woman.

      2. Those who believe that all women are so thin skinned that they take every comment made about another woman as a personal affront to their sensibilities.

      While I recognize that you don’t speak for all women, you certainly provide evidence that the two pieces of conventional wisdom I cited above may not be as conventional as many would like to believe.

      You obviously think for yourself …and do it quite well in my estimation.

    • Trump just does not know how to play nice. He can’t get elected. If by some long shot he does get elected, he still won’t know how to play nice and the USA will still be the laughing stock of the world, with terrible consequences.

  3. Trump is heading in all polls…just announced yesterday….don’t know where this poll came from….they getting as bad as the media…GO TRUMP ALL THE WAY

  4. I don’t care about like-ability. I want a proven Business Giant who knows the system and can make heads roll. The GOP doesn’t want DONALD TRUMP and these results are Bogus!

  5. It will probably be a good idea to nominate Carson. He’s too nice a guy and Hillary would beat him badly. So another 8 years of having a Democrat in the White House. Why? The people could care less about the emails and other lies she’s told. Trumps the only leader running.

  6. I think Carson is the type of guy that will listen to our military leaders and take their recommendations seriously. Obuma could have done the same except he’s a Muslim and he’s not going to hurt him homies.

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