Sex Sells: Is The Media Obsessed With Potential Future First Lady Melania...

Sex Sells: Is The Media Obsessed With Potential Future First Lady Melania Trump?

2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is married to a former supermodel…And the media LOVES to talk about it.

According to media watchdog Howard Kurtz:

“The media are hyperventilating over another Trump.

But there’s something about the glamorous profiles of Melania that is disturbing. Maybe it’s the New York Times saying that her life, if she wasn’t married to The Donald, “might resemble that of any number of trophy spouses in New York, Palm Beach and Paris.” Or that her Twitter account had “allowed a rare window into her honeyed but seemingly isolated life in the form of regular Twitter posts featuring selfies of her beauty rituals, private jet rides and bikini body.”

The paper was so enamored of these tweets that, according to the Washington Post, it posted—and then deleted—one that said “Perfect beach day,” featuring a close-up photo of Mrs. Trump wearing a skimpy bikini bottom.

As for the Post, it ran a front-page piece describing a naked photo shoot that the former model did for British GQ back in 2000:

“The icy, blue-green eyes. Plump, pouty lips. Lying seductively on a fluffy fur on Trump’s private jet. Wearing a sparkly necklace and not a stitch of clothing.”

You can practically hear the heavy breathing.

The piece also had this:

“Once Melania was with Trump, she became a hot commodity — especially since Trump was fond of bragging about their sex life. Radio shock jock Howard Stern interviewed the couple by phone in 1999 and, true to his provocative form, he asked Melania what she was wearing.

“‘Not much,’ Melania said coyly.”

On one level, the journalists are so thrilled to have an exotic figure to write about, rather than the dutifully dull spouses who watch every word, that they are practically gushing. Maybe even a little jealous of the 5-foot-11 stunner.”

Conservative Intel previously profiled Mrs. Trump. Here’s a little more about her.

“Melania Knauss-Trump is a naturalized citizen originally born in Slovania. She has a degree in design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana. She moved to New York at 26, where she met Trump. They married in 2005 and she became a citizen of the United States the following year.

Melania began working as a model at age 16. Working in Milan and Paris and before ultimately moving to New York, she became successful in her modeling career, eventually appearing on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Ocean Drive (below), Allure, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle and others, including the 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.”

Kurtz says it was a smart move for “The Donald” to utilize her for the recent People Magazine cover and that the media needs to be careful in how they cover Mrs. Trump.

“Still, it’s not that the media are stalking Melania. What put her in play this week was her interview with People magazine, which splashed a photo of the Trump clan on the cover.

This is campaign gold, reminding voters that The Donald is a family man. When Bill Clinton effectively clinched his nomination in the spring of 1992, many people didn’t even know he had a daughter. A People cover featuring Bill, Hillary and Chelsea was viewed by his strategists as a major coup. And that hasn’t changed.

Melania told the magazine she’s not ready to get political but stands by her man: “He is who he is. Even if you give him advice, he will maybe take it in, but then he will do it the way he wants to do it. You cannot change a person. Let them be. Let them be the way they are.”

Obviously it was safer to put Melania out there in a soft-feature People interview than on live television, where the risk of something going wrong is greater. And with her husband saying she’ll play a more visible role in the campaign, the spotlight was inevitable.

But the media need to dial it down a few notches and stay out of tabloid territory.”



  1. I wonder why The media was not so obsessed with Obama’s mother’s nude photos.
    Nude or not what a plesent change over Moochelle. The media used to compare Moochelle
    with Jackie Kennedy , what a joke.

  2. Who isn’t?

    The Donald is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived III”.

    Trump 2016

    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely censored:

    Melania – First Lady 2016

  3. Where is the Picture of Oregon Shooter Mercer’s Mother ?????

    I realize it isn’t on topic. But speaking of media obsessions….. Mercer LIVED with his mom and all those guns etc…. So WHY are they not interested in her.

    WHERE IS HER PICTURE ??????? They interviewed the Father already !

      • Keeps needing to be put out there though.

        Obammy is half Black and half white….But everyone claims he’s black.
        Mercer is half Black and Half white….. but CNN and LATimes say he’s white.

        If Obammy is Black……. then Mercer is Black, and all his victims were White and Hispanic….. them’s the facts.

    • She was the real real big nut case. Called her son “Baby” even as a grown up and would tell the neighbors to be more quite because it was bothering her son, baby. She provided a lot of the guns and they target shooting together. She should be prosecuted as well

  4. If Melania became firs lady,she’d be the hottest first lady we’ve ever had.Much better than that America hating thing we have in there now.

  5. They’re obsessed, because they are trying to dig up anything that can be used against her husband. They will not stop, until they find as much dirt on her as possible. Real or fictionalized. Too bad they didn’t use all their resources on Obama.They would have spared us the last 7 years of horror.

  6. If Melania becomes first lady,she”d be the hottest first lady we’ve ever had. Such a relief from that America hating thing we have in there now.

  7. Given the choice, Melania Trump, Michelle Lardbuutt Obama, or the frequent alcohol infused old hag Hillary Clinton, which one would you rather see. It makes me cringe to even think about the latter two in skimpy dress or even worse, nude and yet the media falls all over themselves to praise those two. You need to ask why?

  8. the American press uses the 1st Amendment to wipe their ass with 24/7/365…they’ve abused the privilege to where they can no longer be trusted…they’re the propaganda department for Democrats and nothing more.

  9. Melania is like a modern day Jackie O.

    beautiful and stylish.

    the media tried to convince everyone that the current giant-assed, disgusting first wookie was like Jackie O. but unfortunately for them, we all have eyes.

  10. Forget the women’s vote. The media must know that publishing any photo’s of Melania Trump will only increase the men’s vote for Trump; across the board and across all demographics.

  11. Not to worry. President Clinton used an innocent girl for his sexual encounters and the public accepted his “I did not have sex with that girl” excuse. We are a forgiving society…

  12. What is wrong with Trump having an attractive wife? I don’t know if she married him for money, for fame or for love but who cares? They live together. They seem to enjoy each others company. That’s more than you can say for the Clinton’s and their sham “marriage”. The jury is still out on the Obama’s marriage. No one can get close enough to the cage to see what that one is like.

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