Gettin’ High: New FBI Report Shows Number Of Pot Arrests Increases

Gettin’ High: New FBI Report Shows Number Of Pot Arrests Increases

According to a new report from the FBI, pot arrests are at their highest level since 2009.

The Marijuana Policy Project says:

“The annual number of arrests for marijuana offenses in the U.S. increased last year for the first time since 2009, according to the Uniform Crime Report released Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

An estimated 700,993 arrests were made nationwide for marijuana-related offenses in 2014 — up from 693,058 in 2013 — of which 88.42% were for possession. On average, one person was arrested for a marijuana-related offense in the U.S. approximately every 45 seconds (every 51 seconds for possession).”

Spokesman Mason Tvert, Communications Director for MPP, says the new stats show the need for serious marijuana policy reform.

“These numbers refute the myth that nobody actually gets arrested for using marijuana…Could you imagine if hundreds of thousands of adults were arrested last year simply for possessing alcohol? That would be crazy. It’s even crazier that hundreds of thousands of adults were arrested for possessing a less harmful substance. As long as we have these silly laws on the books, law enforcement resources will be wasted on enforcing them. It’s time for state officials to step up and end the outdated policy of marijuana prohibition.”

Tvert believes law enforcement should focus on more serious crimes.

“It’s hard to imagine why more people were arrested for marijuana possession when fewer people than ever believe it should be a crime,” Tvert said. “Law enforcement officials should not be wasting their time and resources arresting and prosecuting adults for using marijuana.  While law enforcement was busy making nearly three quarters of a million marijuana arrests, more than 35% of murders went unsolved, the clearance rate for rape was less than 40%, and for robbery and property crimes, it was below 30%. “



  1. what other crime pays as well to law enforcement as marijuana and drug laws. None! The potential for forfeitures and asset seizures is too enticing.

  2. It’s time to end Richard Nixon’s trillion dollar War on Drugs.

    Americans believe in freedom. Freedom is when the citizens get to choose. Tyranny is when the government chooses and puts those that disagree with their decision in jail. How insane is it that neither the POTUS or Congress has reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance. Can’t we all at least agree that marijuana is less harmful than crack?

    • Suppressed studies from the 1970s indicate that marijuana CURES cancer! Yet the Feds insist it has “NO MEDICAL VALUE”!!!

        • Do some research before being snide. In 2007 Harvard confirmed this with human cancer cells in mice – the THC killed the cancer and did not harm the mice. There are many, many, many, many published tests that verify this is the most medicinal plant on the planet. THAT is the only reason it is illegal.

          • its all dougs got if you’ll notice all of his comments are either misinformation or ad hominem. he’s actually not smart enough to be in this conversation but is desperately trying (and failing) to be relevant

          • I provided what you asked. You obviously can’t read and are indeed a brainwashed robot. Even if Jesus himself came and tried to roll a doobie with you, you would insult him. Can’t fix stupid. And let’s be clear – it is obvious – you ARE stupid. I mean, stupid like the gum on my shoe. You probably failed third grade – that’s how stupid you are.

          • Please tell me how many studies prove this and in HUMANS not mice. Please provide said links.

          • A few things for you:

            1) They were human cancer cells.

            2) Mice have very similar systems to ours – making them perfect to demonstrate effects of medications in humans. Most well known meds were proven in mice first.

            3) There have not been MANY human trials – because idiots like you are working in the federal government and will not allow it. No matter what the evidence says – you are a brainwashed robot.

            4) Here is ONE study – there are others but I am not doing your work for you. You’ll have to pull your own head out of your own rear.


  3. Gosh, we’re so grateful to those lardazzz DEA agents for making all those weed arrests..Wanting to appear as though they actually earn the outsized salaries and benefits they receive, the agents take all those pot dealers off the streets..Sooo impressive .

  4. Municipal police departments continue to use pot busts as a cash cow. As soon as departments stop demanding quotas of their officers, the sooner respect shall return to law enforcement.

    • Exactly, but going after child molesters and sex offenders just doesn’t pay the bills quite like going after people for drug offenses, does it?

    • It is the mayors and City Commissioners who order police to make these arrests for the income derived from such arrests, fines, public defenders, etc. Don’t blame the police for something they are ordered to do.

  5. What’s the difference between most of those running for President, most politicians, most of those in law enforcement and more that 50% of ordinary people, and the millions arrested for pot possession whose lives were forever changed? NOT GETTING CAUGHT!

    How can any “leader” stand by while people’s lives are ruined for doing what they admit they have done? All records of past arrests, convictions and imprisonment for the simple possession of drugs should be wiped clean. All the money spent on investigation, arrest, prosecution and incarceration of crimes our current President as well has the two before him jokingly admit to would amount to hundreds of billions saved.

  6. That’s cause they’re pu$$ies & too afraid to go after hard core criminals like meth heads who have guns. Pot heads aren’t militant, for the most part. Plus they’re taking payoffs from Cartels to keep it illegal.

  7. End the war on drugs and let nature sort ’em out. If you’re too stupid to understand most drugs will ruin your life, then you’re too stupid to live amongst the rest of us.

    • So you in your little world truly believe pot is as bad as cocaine or heroin. It is a plant no different than tobacco, wheat, or barley.

      • Chewing coca leaves or eating the gum of poppy plants isn’t any more harmful either. Cocaine and heroin are the equivalent of 150 proof spirits distilled from brewed barley. They’re just highly concentrated.

      • Perhaps you can point out where I made that point? If you read carefully, I said most drugs, I know what pot is. I’ve cultivated it. I’ve used it for years, and continue to this day. I’ve been inundated with sanctioned drugs (which didn’t work or had wicked side effects) for spinal issues. My world is hardly little.

      • Which should be legal just like every drug….historians will look back at this period in time as a few ignoramus a-holes instilling their will of what’s right and wrong on the masses all in the name of profit for the following….Judges, Courts, Attorneys, Police, Jails, Prisons, Drug Counselors, Bail bondsmen, Drug testing facilities, Rehab facilities, Restitution recipients, Lawyers, Probation officers, and anyone else making money off of an individual’s personal choice. (Stole this list from above). All drugs should be legal, they’ve had huge success with drug legalization in places like Portugal.

        • Americans are too stupid to vote for someone who will legalize drugs. That’s just a fact. Most people have a fatal flaw and it’s this: People think they can vote in politicians that will control the people of this nation. This is a false assumption because prohibition simply does not work. It never has worked, and it never will work.

      • cocaine is a plant? …ha!! yet another victim of common core education .
        coca is the plant…. the
        conversion of coca leaf into coca paste, cocaine base and cocaine hydrochloride
        are also varied processes with many steps and many chemicals necessary. These chemicals come from BIg Pharma! so YOUR argument crashes and burns!

      • A derivative of a plant. The coca leaves have to be chemically altered to create cocaine. Plus why should we care. Legalize everything and tax it. Prohibition is a farce that only creates much larger problems than it solves.

      • not even close, cocaine has to be rendered, and if you know nothing about that then you’ll NEVER make cocaine and the plant you’re referring to is legal in the countries that it is native because natives use it medicinally and religiously. if you throw a seed out it will grow. never seen a pile of cocaine grow doug, have you?

      • Hardly, the coca leaf is manipulated sir. Cocaine is not a natural product and without human intervention it’s just a leaf. They used to use it (chew on the leaves) to climb over the Himalaya’s due to the lack of oxygen at high altitudes.

  8. Folks who love prohibition of Marijuana:

    Judges, Courts, Attorneys, Police, Jails, Prisons, Drug Counselors, Bail bondsmen, Drug testing facilities, Rehab facilities, Restitution recipients, Lawyers, Probation officers, and anyone else that makes a living off of the incarceration, and punishment for using pot…. Feel free to add to the list folks, it’s long indeed.

  9. It’s long past time to end Prohibition II, a.k.a the war on (some) drugs, which is really a war on freedom and liberty.

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  11. What an insane waste of time, energy and resources. If you’ll recall, Nixon commissioned a study on dope which suggested that it be legalized. He panicked and began the current “war on drugs” which is universally condemned as futile. If you find yourself on a jury, REFUSE TO CONVICT. That is the true power of the US jury system. Visit fija dot org for more information.

    • War on Poverty has been just as futile and 10x as much has been spent there. Maybe somebody needs to put a time limit on these “war” policies and then evaluate what their return on the money spent.

  12. The Marijuana Laws were concieved in the racist hatred of Mexicans, Blacks and Friends and promoted by Big Oil and Big Chemical to eliminate competition. The media has glorified the Great Lie for years allowing Pot Busts to become the corner stone of the Police State. Marijuana advocates and friends make up the largest unrepresented Affinity Group in the Nation and I dare say the World. Resistance is futile, you will be assimulated.

  13. It is an awesome racket for the states, they sell it (some), tax it, charge and enforce DUIs, make mandatory counselling, and then filter the profits to the top. Until the judges and other state officials make more money peddling it than prosecuting it, it will never change

  14. A lot of money is made (Police budgets,Lawyer income, the prisons and courts) from Marijuana prohibition. and if your mature enough to understand human nature, you know that many have a very real personal financial incentive to keep it illegal.

  15. What a huge waste of the taxpayers money. You would think that maybe we should be looking for the guys pushing Heroin, coke or Meth. Although I might agree that it can be a gate way drug, for most, it is as far as they go.

  16. My question to the liberals here, why has BO not pushed this agenda now that he is never running again? Get his Chum gang out of jail

    • Guess you missed Vice last night. Also, you can count on mass pardons of non violent drug offenders after the election. A historic amount.

  17. So sick of America’s satanic policy of busting people for consuming a harmless plant because it improves their quality of life. It’s evil to take freedom away from someone – raid their home – flash bang their kids – and often shoot the family dog…because someone uses marijuana.

    WTF is wrong with America in 2015?

  18. It is beyond simple folks. If there is no victim, there is no crime. It is a serious atrocity to take someone’s freedom if they aren’t hurting anyone. An absolute atrocity.

  19. The true criminals at the D.E.A. are locking up as many people as they can before we finally end this senseless war on our own citizens. Abolish the D.E.A, before they destroy our entire society. Stop voting for the drug warriors who created this whole mess. That includes both D,s and R.s. End the prison industrial complex.

  20. This is the basic SCIENCE of the medicinal value of CANNABIS OIL
    [the ESSENTIAL OIL] as it relates to cancer: The CANNABINOIDs [the main
    constituents in cannabis, e.g. THC and CBD] are the counterparts to the
    ENDOCANNABINOIDs [just like morphine is the counterpart to our
    endorphins] produced naturally in our bodies [such as ANANDOMIDE]. When
    these cannabinoids link up with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s
    ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM, a substance called CERAMIDE is released. It is
    the CERAMIDE that seeks out cancerous cells, destroys the mitochondria
    [the energy-producing organelles], and thus kills the malignant cells,
    while leaving healthy cells intact.

    There has
    been plenty of research on the relationship between CANNABINOIDs and
    CANCER. These studies show that not only do CANNABINOIDS inhibit tumor
    growth, but also that they INDUCE CELL APOPTOSIS [programmed cell
    death]. This is a fact that even the US GOV’T admits on their own
    website cancerDOTgov [linked below]. Furthermore, Dr. Manuel Guzman
    [Complutense U. of Madrid] conducted a landmark study that showed:
    “Cannabinoids are selective antitumour compounds, as they can KILL
    TUMOUR CELLS without affecting their non-transformed counterparts.”
    Also, research shows that CANNABINOIDs PROTECT the brain against

    We all know how SMOKING
    cannabis is therapeutic in certain ways, but the HIDDEN SECRET [thanks
    to RICK SIMPSON and his film: “RUN FROM THE CURE.”] is that the REAL
    MEDICINE is in extracting the ESSENTIAL OIL [this is NOT the seed oil
    found in health stores] and using it topically on skin cancer, burns,
    rashes,… or ingesting it for internal cancers and other ailments.

    out the links to the scientific research. Also, check out the clip of
    the PBS special “Clearing the Smoke.” In it, Dr. Donald Abrams
    [professor at UCSF & oncologist at SF Gen. Hosptital] & Dr.
    Prakash Nagarkatti [U. of South Carolina] explain the human body’s
    ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM and a study that shows that CANNABINOIDs KILL
    CANCER CELLS in test tubes and in mice.

    DENNIS HILL [biochemist, formerly of MD Anderson Cancer
    Center-Houston–one of the top-ranked cancer facilities in the world]
    most eloquently explains for the layperson how CANNABINOIDS KILL CANCER
    CELLS, and how he cured his STAGE 4 prostate cancer in 6 months, without
    chemo or radiation therapy.




  21. Federal makes billion confiscating.
    Private owned prisons makes billions off each visitor.

    The governments answer: import more dopers, load them up on entitlements and personal debt, the small frys without assets go scott-free, those that get caught and have assets — they get maximum time and all their stuff is stolen away.

    Most poor inner city men have 100’s on their police record but seem to have a lifetime get out of jail free card… is it because they are black?

    Yet, a first timer guy gets caught with a kilo of weed and owns a middle class $300k home, well he gets life and loses his house.

  22. Smokin’ marihuana
    Is more fun than drinkin’ beer
    But a friend of ours was captured
    And they gave him thirty years

    Maybe we should raise our voices
    Ask somebody why
    But demonstrations are a drag
    Besides we’re much too high

    And I’m sure
    It wouldn’t interest anybody
    Outside of a small circle of friends

    Phil Ochs

  23. The cops are more criminal-like than actual criminals these days. I’d way rather have a criminal pull up in the car next to me than a cop. At least the criminal might go to jail if he commits a crime. Not so for the cop, who gets paid time off if he shoots his gun at me.

  24. I have no faith in government, they don’t give a crap about the average person. Alcohol is far more dangerous and socially damaging and it’s legal. There’s no reason to keep marijuana illegal – putting people in jail for doing something in one state that is legal in another is WRONG.

    Marijuana is a safer alternative to popping pills and drinking beer – legalize it already.

  25. “These numbers refute the myth that nobody actually gets arrested for using marijuana”
    what myth is this, other than mentioned here ive never heard that. ive heard nobody had died as a direct result of pot or that its impossible to OD on pot, but never in my life heard that nobody gets arrested. tons do get arrested and have their lives ruined for a victim-less crime

  26. Ahh, come on…where are all the comments making fun of dopers whenever Drudge posts a link about how pot is ruining Colorado?

  27. Cops love pot arrests b/c they’re easy targets: any given carload of kids = pot arrest. OTOH- w/o chasing harmless potheads police would actually be forced to DEAL WITH violent crime and hardened criminals.

    To be fair, though, i know lots of cops who rather not arrest ppl for pot.

    Legalize it over-21.

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