Facebook went down for 13 minutes today

Facebook went down for 13 minutes today

Facebook went down from roughly 12:34pm to 12:47pm ET today for editors of Conservative Intel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.40.06 PM

DownDetector reports that it started at roughly 7:30AM this morning.  They have the stats, report, and live outage map.  The problem was across the United States with emphasis on both coasts as well as significant problems in Europe.  Please click for more information:




    • You can cancel your account at any time. Meanwhile the rest of us would like the freedom of using it as we like.

      • I’m not advocating the loss of your freedom. Apparently it wasnt clear to you the first tine. Im simpky looking forward to the day that FB goes dark permanently..

        Good Luck.

    • I’ll never quite understand people wanting to free us from ourselves by saving us from things like Facebook. In the 70s and 80s, there were groups who wanted to free us from TV. They weren’t successful, either.

      It’s pretty simple: if you don’t like it, don’t use it, and just don’t pretend that everybody should be like you. Let the people enjoy it who enjoy it, and just accept that there may be legitimate reasons to enjoy it. I am not interested in TV personally, but others are, so I’m not going to look forward to the day we don’t have TV. Personally, Facebook lets me stay in touch with old friends and family – I live in a different country, now. I really enjoy Facebook.

      • Argue with strawpeeps much? When did I tell you or anyone not to use it? Or enjoy it? Or don’t? Or whether you should be free to or not?

      • I was freed from TV. Haven’t had cable in years and never will again. Closed my FB account. And Linkedin too. Reconnected the old school house landline phone and bought a used digital answering machine at the local thrift store. Yep, I’ve retro-verted and glad for it. So, let me ask this. How does FB, cell phone, and cable make a person’s quality of life any better?

        • Great for you. I’m happy for you. But I think you’re asking the wrong question. I don’t mind if you like your answering machine. I don’t mind if you buy a cabin in the woods and completely disconnect from the world, even. So why do people care if someone else enjoys Facebook. Why the need to tell people it’s bad, or find some imagined mental disorder for using it? That’s what I don’t get.

          As for me, I moved from the US to East Asia some time ago. It’s a country I first came to when I was stationed here in the military in the 1980s. I got married here, and now, years later, I took a once in a lifetime job opportunity that moved my wife and me back. I really enjoy it, and I travel a lot through Asia. My friends didn’t do that, so I can’t just walk down to the corner hardware store for a visit. My two elder kids are married and living in the US. All of them take an interest in culture, and places I go, and ask about it a lot. It gives us a place to interact asynchronously, since I’m so many timezones removed, and only have limited time when we’re awake at the same time. They can share pictures of my grandkids and I see them the first time I look. I can share things they are interested in from here, and I enjoy looking at my friends interact witg each other.

          It improves the quality of my life. If it doesn’t float your boat, fine – I didn’t ask anybody to enjoy life the same way I do. The question becomes, why do some feel the need to hope so hard that I don’t have the tools to enjoy these aspects? I’ve lived here in the 80s without those things, and I prefer to have them … but some on here look forward to the day it goes dark permanently. What’s their problem?

  1. crisis – NOT!! too bad for all those kids riding on their schoolbus this AM who were using Facebook to talk with the kid 2 seats over. OUTRAGEOUS

    • Vips in UK were advised not to use Facebook and or Twitter when a VIP’s wife outed their security detail with photos posted and too much info.

      Not good for Great Britain’s VIPs not good enough for USA citizens.

          • Ignorance unchecked breeds stupidity and if users are too stupid to set their privacy settings to their liking they’re ignorant. I do agree that settings should be easier and a warning should appear when settings are set to ‘public’. Also most people do not understand that if they post a photo FB or (anyone on FB-unless you know what you are doing) can copy and use that photo.

          • And you know this how? Or are you one of tjose tormented souls who is just so flustered about having to deal with “stupid people” all the time?

          • First of all, just because someone isn’t smart doesn’t mean that by default they must then be stupid. There are average intelligent people out there in between and they are the majority. My world goes beyond black and white, or 1s and 0s in the binary world. With that said, you’ve never been on FB and seen the profiles of other people and everything they divulge? If you like FB to keep up with friends and whatnot with a smart phone buried in your face 7×24 (most of mine as well as family members do the same) then knock yourselves out.

          • You managed to go off on a tangent and deflect from the question of how you know this about most Facebook posters as you asserted. You gave an impression based on anecdotes at best.

        • I especially like the lame businesses who use FB to appear like good businesses. Those are the ones to stay away from, especially the local ones, sheesh…

        • For clueless iPhone users, that is true. But knowledgeable Android users know how to get around the BS and root their phones and shut down “mandatory” intrusive programs installed by the carrier. For example, when you turn an iPhone “off” it’s not ever truly off and some activities can still be tracked. But with an Android phone, you can remove the battery and genuinely cut the power if you completely want to take it “off the grid.”

          • Yep, I’m sure you always remove the battery on your handheld devices. After all, you don’t want the government to learn about all of your trips to home depot and rite-aid.

  2. Most facebook users are old. I know a few cat ladies in their 50s who would likely have seizures if they couldn’t post every twenty minutes. It has brought out the worst attention-seeking behaviour in people, changing the landscape of mental illness and personality disorders. I have to wonder if it was hacked–that is a isht-ton of private information sitting there, facecrook IS the NSA.

  3. Oh the horror! Call the air force, fbi, cia, the president, oh wait, we don’t have that one. So airforce it is.

  4. FB is in shock at the exodus of people closing their accounts. FB is ‘going down’ just like the cable companies, but for a slightly different reason. Why? It’s simple, nobody trusts the Government/Social Media/NSA/JADE 2 Complex. Old School is making a late great comeback. More and more, our Marxist government will need to snoop the old fashioned way. BTW, if the FB servers went offline permanently how much CO2 would be reduced? Heck, they just might save the planet by turning FB off.. lol…

  5. Facebook is for LOST Narcissistic Sheep.
    …”Oh, Look at ME!!”
    …”Oh, Everyone I NEVER MET, look at MY dinner.”
    …”Oh, Look at WHERE I am NOW.”
    …”Oh, Look at WHO I’M with NOW.”
    …”Oh, Look at HOW STUPID I can get on Farcebook.”
    Just take a GOOD Long look at you IDIOT “friends” and how many of them just use fb casually vs those who just can’t get enough of being AN IDIOT.
    …Now YOU should be able to separate YOUR casual friends from YOUR IDIOT “friends.”
    And when you look at yourself in a mirror you can see HOW MUCH of a fb TOOL Y-O-U ARE in REAL life.

      • That’s what makes the world go round. I’m not worried about keeping someone from becoming rich. I consume or not based on whether or not I need it, or just enjoy it, and have the means to afford it.

      • Of course it does silly, duh, but usually those posts are sprinkled across many venues, not lumped into one small basket..

    • Or maybe for people like me who live in a different country from family and friends I grew up with, and who enjoy keeping up with those friends. I think you would be hard pressed to find many my age more active than I am, or who travel or enjoy life more than I do. My wife and this branch of the family are quite happy, actually. Facebook is a very enjoyable part of my life, though.

      Maybe we can expand your definitions to say that those who don’t like Facebook are those jealous, arrogant know-it-alls who are sure they know what’s best for everybody else. Maybe they should get a life so they don’t feel such a need to look down on people who enjoy something like Facebook, and feel they need to give such definitions of people without really thinking through the possibilities. What do you think.

      • Having an opinion about Facebook is vastly different from spending most of your waking hours seeking approval from anonymous ‘friends’ on Facebook, IMO.

        • Seems to me that posting opinions in forum full of people one doesn’t know is pretty narcissistic. And then trying to seek the approval of someone one doen’t know.

          Dang it .. I just did it again! When does this narcissistic spiral ever end!

    • They would still use potty language and say how much smarter they are than a billionaire who makes more in a day than all their assets and retirement accounts combined are worth, on Yahoo, Media Matters or some other ‘look at how smart I am’ watering hole.

  6. Feds took them off line so they can search for people. sounds far fetched, but who knows what to believe in todays society. never had FB never will.

  7. I use Facebook but having a life, maybe not much of one but it’s mine, outside of the internet I would not have known if there was not some silly news story about it.

  8. Please make it permanent next time…

    BTW, since Zuckerberg is all in for the illegals, let him and the CEO’s of the other companies supporting the foreign invasion pay for their welfare otherwise cut welfare for all immigrants and illegals since 2008…

  9. No wonder Zuckerbutt needs that Ahmed kid. They need an expert on Radio Shack clocks to keep track of how long the site is offline.

    • Zucker wasn’t aware of Texas law:

      (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly manufactures, sells, purchases, transports, or possesses a hoax bomb with intent to use the hoax bomb to:

      (1) make another believe that the hoax bomb is an explosive or incendiary device; or

      (2) cause alarm or reaction of any type by an official of a public safety agency or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies.

      (b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.- See more at: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/txstatutes/PE/10/46/46.08#sthash.Jdw3vXHE.dpuf

  10. I closed mine years ago, peace and quiet can not be measured with anything and nobody spys on me anymore. Keep your account open and one day, poof, your identity has been taken away and resold to the criminals around the globe.

    • Yep, Close your LInkedin account too. And cable TV. Yes, perhaps even the Internet. The Government made it all suck..

  11. I’ll bet ya that that interruption started at the pentagon, with orders from the director of homeland security!. (Yes, conpiracy theory).

  12. Makes you wonder what millions of desperate, lonely, attention-seeking losers did for 13 minutes?

    Oh well. I’m sure someone will post a video clip about it on Facebook soon.

    • Most of the millions of desperadoes jacked off viciously to Susy vids while refreshing their FB page every 15 seconds to see if it came back up. .Except in North Korea of course. FB users there never jack off because of the big poster of that short dude leader hanging on their wall. It’s so hard to get hard while looking at him. His dorky likeness is simply not boner worthy.

      • Other uses for FB? Well, FB sucks as a paper weight and doesn’t make good coffee. Can FB show up at work for me when I want to sleep in? Can it buy stamps? Can FB sit on the front porch. or walk my dog? What other uses might FB have besides telling the NSA everything you’re doing? Please tell!!

        • Explained elsewhere already … so decide for yourself whether we all must live in a way you approve, or if maybe there is more than one way in this world to live life, and enjoy it.

    • Maybe for some. It is what you make of it.

      Is it a waste of time to reconnect with old high school and military friends? Catch up with family that lives far away? Facebook actually makes doing that very efficient. If I didn’t do that, maybe I could spend that time … watching TV? Playing golf? Neither of those are a waste of time, right?

      • OKAY Great. But, America Hyper Consumes everything and is it necessary to keep in touch on a minute by minute basis. Pick up the phone,write a letter, means much more….

        • Disagree completely, especially writing a letter meaning more. The phone is great for synchronous communication only, and a bit more difficult when one lives in Asia and the other in the US for example. You do realize Facebook is available outside the US, right? It’s also great when the friend living in Asia (me, in this case) has friends who really are interested in the culture where he lives.

          You said America hyper-consumes. I would say many in America hyper-control, or wish they could, and that leads them to worry that maybe somebody is enjoying something like Facebook that the worrier is just convinced they shouldn’t be enjoying that much. That leads to posts like yours. Relax. They’re not hurting you. You probably do things they don’t like, too.

      • Yo freakshow, Don’t reply to my post speaking this guttural nonsense. FB is a monumental waste of time. Comparisons of this magnitude are unnecessary-

      • Actually Femghazi, I could care less, but two restaurants pay me to post on their Facebook Pages for them daily at around lunchtime to announce their specials!

          • I don’t understand your comment. There are thousands of agencies and individuals who post on Facebook for COMPANIES. The business makes you an “Administrator” and then you can post as that business. Owners give that ability to their managers often too.

  13. 13 minutes – perfect for a good fap. Only problem was I couldn’t look at Trebek’s mom’s Facebook while tugging the pink one-eyed soldier

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