Let’s Get Nerdy: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Launches New PAC

One Tough Gov.: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced last weekend on Mackinac Island during the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference that the second term executive has started a Political Action Committee to support state and federal candidates who share his vision.

“”Relentless positive action has helped make Michigan the comeback state and it’s important that we stay on this trajectory for years to come because our work is not yet complete,” Snyder said while announcing the new PAC. “The Relentless Positive Action PAC will support candidates and elected officials who are commonsense problem solvers willing to take on the toughest challenges facing Michigan and our nation.”

PAC priorities for the “GoverNerd'” include:

-Fiscal responsibility including balancing budgets and reducing long-term debt

-Focus on jobs and long-term economic development

-Encourage a sustainable environment and a revival of our urban areas

-Education reform and a P-20 education approach

Snyder has hired Kyle Robertson, formerly his campaign manager during re-election, to head up the group’s day-to-day operations as Executive Director. Former business executive William Parfet will serve as Chairman.

Other staff members include Amanda Kornegay, who will serve as Finance Director, and Bettina Inclán-she will be the Communications and Outreach Director for Snyder’s new PAC.

According to a press release announcing the PAC:

Kornegay is a proven top-tier political fundraiser who has consistently broken fundraising records in numerous marquee races across the nation, collecting over $68 million dollars since 2003 in political contributions, and coordinating more than 266 fundraisers with high-profile dignitaries.”

Inclan has been “recognized as an expert in engaging Hispanic and female voters, she was named a top “Political Power Player” in Cosmo For Latinas’ 2014 “Power Issue.” Latina Magazine listed her as one of the six key Latino players in the 2012 presidential race. She currently serves as Senior Vice President of Mercury, national high-stakes public strategy firm.

>>>View the PAC’s website HERE