ISIS Makes Libya New Stronghold

ISIS Makes Libya New Stronghold

ISIS continues to rack up victories throughout the Middle East. They have defied Western coalition efforts that push back lines of control in key areas of Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

Now, ISIS has found a new base for strategic control in its growing arc of influence within the void left in civil war-devastated Libya. The Libyan affiliate has most recently seized an important coastal city of Serti.

The city, which was the final defensive point for Moammar Gaddafi before being ousted from power, is among a number of cities and strongholds along the coast that lead to the country’s capital, Tripoli.

According to reports, the affiliate boasts some 3,000 fighters. Although it is a small number by many measures, the ISIS strategy is known for its fragmented guerrilla tactics designed to strike critical positions and infrastructure. ISIS has crippled large cities and strongholds with this approach.

The Libyan battlefield is a strategic ground for ISIS.  It has served as a point of coordination of resources for attacks on neighboring Mediterranean nations. Both Egypt and Tunisia have seen coordinating ISIS attacks from the region.

However, the affiliate’s ability to expand faces challenges not seen in northern counterparts.  The largely Sunni nation of Libyan offers far fewer radical recruits and therefore a smaller source of revenue to fund its operations.



  1. There will be no effective response to Islamic terrorism as long as Obama is President. If Clinton occupies the WH the world and our nation will continue to deteriorate.

    • If Hilary Clinton becomes commander in chief or the United States armed forces the deterioration will excelerate, rapidly. We might even use the word “disintegrate”

    • Bush didn’t destabilize Libya. He isn’t the one who removed every single one of our people in Iraq. You can rightly hold Bush responsible for his actions, but you must also hold Obama responsible for his part in it. ISIS would not be as bold as they are if Obama hadn’t shown them that the US would not stand in their way.

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  2. The “Master Plan” of the Obammunist Regime to destabilize the Middle East and creating Obama’s “Arab Spring” was done solely for Obama’s “Legacy Building”. Hitlery’s “Benghazi Blunder” not only killed gallant American’s, without cause; but it also hastened the metastasis of ISIS. The Middle East is almost totally in flames, thanks to the neo-Communist Demoncrat Party and their “Dear Leader.”

  3. The last paragraph in your article makes absolutely no sense. ISIS or ISIL is, for the most part largely Sunni Muslim, not Shia. So exactly why would they not find willing recruits in Libya?

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