Trump Sets Announcement Date

Donald Trump has set June 16th as the date for his formal announcement this week and Erased any doubt about whether he will actually seek the White House.

The billionaire real estate mogul flirted with the possibility of being part the 2012 line-up. However, he ultimately stopped short of making an announcement and endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidential seat instead.

This cycle is a race full of “clowns” according to Trump. In remarks to the North Carolina Republican Convention, he argued that both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio had “made asses” of themselves.

Addressing the TPP trade deal currently flowing through Congress, Trump argued an easier way to bring manufacturing back to the United States. His proposal involves taxing companies that go off-shore, then import back into the U.S.

Trump’s presence in the race is at best unpredictable. Given the uncertainty of his decision until now, he has been excluded from the options on many polls. It was only recently that Trumps name showed on the Real Clear Politics average.

Among the polls that have included him, Trump is pulling 4%. This is enough to get him on stage at the first debate ahead of mainstream candidates like Perry, Santorum, and Graham.