Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll

Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll

The much-vaunted Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City ended this weekend. There were more than a few surprises as it set the tone for what is to come ahead of the first debates.

With the Iowa Straw Poll on so-called ‘death watch’, the SRLC’s impact on the burgeoning field of official GOP candidates has grown in recent weeks. Every national stage will provide critical exposure this cycle since there will be fewer large party confabs before the hopefuls have to battle it out in front of a national televised audience.

The conference, which drew more than 2,000 Republican faithful from states surrounding Oklahoma, had originally slated every major presidential candidate, with only a few exceptions.

Dynamics changed at the last moment, however, the Washington Examiner reported. Four candidates were prevented from attending the conference when the U.S. Senate was unable to budge from a scheduled vote on the Patriot Act.

With Sens. Cruz (who was supposed to keynote the event’s gala dinner), Rubio, Paul and Graham out of the line-up, attendees were treated to an increased spotlight for Walker, Bush, Christie, Perry, Jindal and Carson.

In the end, Carson pulled out a win in the event’s straw poll with 25% of the vote. But Walker emerged as with 20%. The major difference is that Carson’s campaign heavily organized beforehand. They bought 100 tickets for supporters and urged them to show up and vote, while Walker’s campaign did nothing.

Interestingly, the third place finish went to “other” with 18%. Sen. Cruz, who was expected to place high pulled only 16% with Christie, Perry, Bush and Paul following distantly behind at 5% or less each.



  1. Politicians are just that….politicians. They have no clue or care what the people want. They will say anything to get a vote but when they get into office they begin changing terms of what they campaigned on. I vote for Carson because he is For the American people and I believe he will do all he can to bring this country back together.

  2. It’s early to predict a winner, but one thing is becoming clear.
    The next GOP candidate could easily be a true Conservative!
    Carson, Cruz, Walker. et al, is where the debate is coalescing.
    I’m not sure why Paul isn’t in there, because his positions aren’t all that different.
    But, no matter, it appears the RINOs are playing a losing hand.
    And that is good!
    I favor Cruz, but I’d vote for Carson, Paul, Jindal, too.
    Put Jeb Bush or Christie up there and it is “game over”.
    Republicans still have it in them to lose 2016, even against Billary C.
    Actually, they are collectively stupid enough to lose to Bernie Sanders.
    (Imagine a Bush-Sanders debate? Hhaaaaaa! It’d be a Saturday Night Live event!)
    But, so far, so good.

    • I think your selection of the 3 – Carson, Cruz and Walker is the best selection. Carson is clean and clear American (and he can deliver the black majority vote) Both Cruz and Walker are top patriots, while Walker has proven staying power. Either of those paired with Carson is a winning ticket (my opinion)

  3. Walker finished second without even trying. I think it is becoming clear that he is the strongest candidate. He is the rare Republican who is popular with both wings of the GOP, which means he could unite the party – something no other recent candidate has been able to do. He has actual accomplishments to show for his time as Governor of Wisconsin, and his lifetime election record of 11-0 demonstrates his political skill. He has shown that he can win and that he can govern.

    • Arimathean…Governing in DC is considerably different than at teh state level. The corruption and graft is mind boggling in DC. For a politician to get elected one must be bought. Therefore, he/she is a puppet to special interests and cannot do anything other than what “they” want you to do. All the campaign rhetoric is history. Conversely, Dr. Carson, like Reagan, is not a politician and will not be bought. He will get no special interests money and will be free to implamant fresh ideas immediately. “what a concept”

      • Wisconsin is a good warm-up for DC. It was a Democrat-run state where progressive ideology was entrenched. Walker has shown that he can overcome the enemy on its own ground.

        I see Carson as more akin to Goldwater than Reagan. As a candidate, he would have the potential to change the conversation, which could result in long-term benefits to the political and intellectual life of the US. But he has no chance whatsoever of winning a general election for the US presidency.

        • I am well aware of the ideology prevalent in Wisconsinat the time of Governor Walkers challenges and triumphs. I salute him. He does not face the same level of corruption in Wisconsin any politician faces in DC. Several months back Walker announced his candidacy for potus. In less than 10 days he was a special elite dinner invitee to a New Jersey retired Big Pharma owner and huge GOP donor. This was prior to the national collegiate basketball tournament. I am sure the reason for the get together was strictly so the New Jersey Big Pharma GOP donor could get some insight as to Wisconsins chances of going to the final four. About a week to 10 days after this cozy little dinner Governor Christie had a little hiccup in his stature with the press and surprisingly Governor Walker was quoted as making the public statement ” Christie is ok with me”. Just a slight tug on the puppet strings there, huh? That is the position EVERY politician gets into when running for federal office. Dr. Carson is no politician and does not strive to be . He will not be bought and therefore he will not dance on the ends of any strings which will allow him to be effective in the same way Reagan was.

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