Revealed: Kochs to Back More Than One GOP Candidate

The 2014 midterm Republican wave arguably would not have shaped-up quite as it did without the hundreds of millions in campaign spending, largely for U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races, afforded by the inimitable Koch brothers.

Earlier this year, Charles and David Koch reported they intend to spend nearly $1 billion in the 2016 election cycle with emphasis on the both the U.S. Senate and select gubernatorial races.

But it came as a surprise to many when David Koch reported in a recent interview that both he and his brother intend to support “several Republicans” in their race for White House.

Previous indications would lead to believe that the brothers favored Gov. Scott Walker, who is still the most likely candidate to receive benefit from the Kochs. However, David has explained that both brothers are willing to back more than one campaign provided they hold favorable policy prescriptions.

According to a separate interview with Charles Koch, the brothers are looking closely at supporting as many as five candidates which might include Walker, Cruz, Paul, Bush, and Rubio.