Obamacare Decision Sets Stage for Epic Political War in 2016

The anticipated Supreme Court decision next month over the legality of Obamacare’s individual subsidy has become more heated. Forces on both sides of the political divide are gearing up for the possible fallout.

Currently, 34 states in the union have set up healthcare exchanges and thus qualified for citizens to receive subsidies for their health insurance premiums on policies obtained through those respective exchanges.

But if the Supremes decide in favor of the plaintiffs, those subsidies will be voided immediately reports Fox News. It would possibly ignite the ‘death spiral’ as Obamacare supporters call the situation.

That a majority of the upcoming Senate races are Republican-held seats and with gubernatorial races in a number of those 34 states, the GOP is racing to construct a patch for the subsidies in what is expected to be a blame-game by Democrats should the subsidies falter under judicial decree.