It’s not about masks, it’s about power

Over a year removed from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Democrats across the country still insist that everyone keep their masks on at all times. A Massachusetts town is keeping their mask mandate in place despite the CDC saying vaccinated people may go maskless. Our nation’s capital mandates that people must wear masks outside when exercising or doing other activities.

Following the science, one would conclude that masks could stop the spread of the virus under very specific circumstances. However, walking outside, exercising, or just going to the store have never been linked to outbreaks of the virus. Forcing masks is about showing who is in power and who must be listened to, even though liberals and their “experts” have been wrong about Covid on almost every count.

Requiring Americans to keep a mask on while doing everything outside of their houses is conclusively absurd. Texas, Florida, and other Republican states have safely ended mask mandates without an uptick in deaths or cases, as the Democrats predicted. It’s time to end the mask mandates and open America completely.