Fox News Broke Ratings Record for July 4 Event Liberal Networks Refused to Air

“Fox News had 4.8 million viewers for its coverage of President Trump’s Fourth of July ‘Salute to America’ speech, according to Nielsen Media Research, marking the highest ratings the network has registered on July 4 in its nearly 23-year history,” a news report in The Hill detailed on Tuesday.

“The viewership topped NBC’s prime-time coverage of the Fourth of July fireworks show from New York City, which averaged 3.8 million total viewers.”

“CNN also carried Trump’s speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington live and averaged 1.5 million viewers.”

Left-leaning MSNBC as well as the more “mainstream” ABC, CBS, and NCB, however, refused to provide live coverage of the president’s event, instead only showing selected “clips.”

On Monday, President Trump suggested that another “Salute to America” event may be planned for next year’s Independence Day.