Virginia Democratic Party Up in Flames: Lt. Gov. Fairfax Insults Assault Accuser, AG Herring Admits to Blackface, and More


Democrats in Virginia could not be having a worse couple of weeks. Since late January, elected officials from that party have been embroiling themselves in multiple scandals.

First, there was House Delegate Kathy Tran’s abysmal abortion bill, which would have allowed for abortion at any time up until birth. (Thankfully, the bill was defeated in the Virginia House of Delegates, owing to a small Republican majority in that body.)

Then, there were Gov. Northam’s disgraceful comments about the abortion bill, which made an indisputable case for infanticide of born-alive infants, at least in some cases.

Then the Northam blackface/Ku Klux Klan hood fiasco, complete with near-moonwalking press conference performance (!?) but as of this time, no resignation despite repeated calls from fellow Democrats to throw in the towel.

Now, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax—at this point, potentially next in line to assume the governorship if Northam resigns—has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 at the Democratic Convention in Boston.

Fairfax reportedly said in a closed meeting of his accuser, “f— that b—.” (Whatever happened to the Democrats believing all women?!).

And now Virginia Attorney General and fellow Democrat Mark Herring is . . . admitting to donning blackface in the past too, for some reason.

No wonder the Virginia state capitol is currently a hotbed of disarray:

The Washington Examiner has put together a handy flowchart detailing the line of succession for the governorship in Virginia, should resignations force multiple elected officials out of their posts.

But for the Virginia Democratic Party, the past few days have been anything but easy and tidy.