A New Hope? Biden Considering 2020 Bid to Save Democrats

Former Obama VP and Washington fixture Joe Biden is reportedly considering entering the 2020 Democratic primary fray, supposedly because he views himself as his party’s best hope:

“Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is in the final stages of deciding whether to run for president and has told allies he is skeptical the other Democrats eyeing the White House can defeat President Trump, an assessment that foreshadows a clash between the veteran Washington insider and the more liberal and fresh-faced contenders for the party‚Äôs 2020 nomination,” the New York Times reports.

But for the growing left wing of the party who prioritize identity politics, what to make of this older, establishment, white, male candidate?

After all, much of the media fanfare after the 2018 midterms centered around the fact that the 116th Congress is “the most diverse in history.”

That seems to be the thrust of the NYT report.

“‘In 2020, Biden-style centrism will become a toxic and losing brand of politics in Democratic primaries,’ said Waleed Shahid, a left-wing activist” to the Times.

Nevertheless, “Biden has indicated that he is leaning toward running and will most likely make a decision within the next two weeks, according to Democrats within and beyond his inner circle who have spoken to him recently.”

A Quinnipiac poll from last month showed Biden outperforming a group of other possible Democrats.