Liberal Michigan Attorney General Candidate Dana Nessel Threatens Former Fundraiser

Dana Nessel

Dana Nessel, the radical liberal running for Attorney General in Michigan, recently threatened her former fundraiser with a court order for personal protection simply for contacting her a couple times.

Nessel is running against the conservative Speaker of the Michigan House, Tom Leonard.

Leonard says Nessel’s behavior is unacceptable.

“Another day, another former staffer accusing Dana Nessel of mistreatment,” Leonard said in a Facebook statement. “I will be an attorney general who treats everyone with respect and enforce our laws in a fair and even-handed manner.”

Leonard (Dale G. Young / Detroit News)

According to MIRS, a Michigan based subscription news service:

“Democratic Attorney General nominee Dana NESSEL threatened one of her former fundraisers, who is now advocating for independent candidate Chris GRAVELINE, with a personal protection order (PPO) if she did not stop contacting her on her personal email and phone.

Maggie LOURDES, a Plymouth-based attorney, said she emailed Nessel twice to encourage her to debate Graveline before the Nov. 6 general election when she received a response Sunday morning reading, “I am kindly asking you to cease and desist contacting me via my personal email and phone. I no longer wish to have contact with you at this juncture…

“If you choose not to abide by my request, I will seek a Personal Protective Order in the Wayne County Circuit Court,” Nessel wrote from her campaign email address.

Nessel campaign did not respond to a question from MIRS as to what spurred this response to Lourdes and if the former staffer’s description was accurate.

Lourdes wrote on the Facebook page of Republican Attorney General nominee Tom LEONARD on Sunday that “Dangerous Dana” had blocked her from her campaign Twitter and Facebook page. She then noted the PPO threat.

“I am starting to think maybe this woman isn’t fit to be Michigan’s top cop,” Lourdes wrote. “Seems a bit heavy handed and maybe even ‘abusive, crazy, chaotic and toxic.'”

“This is a grossly disqualifying display of an abusive temperament,” she wrote in an email to MIRS about the email she received Sunday.”

This isn’t Nessel’s first controversy with campaign staff. Nessel was in the hot seat last month after reports surfaced that she was abusive to multiple employees.

Nessel’s behavior has been so poor, she has already shuffled through 10 campaign managers and spokesmen.

Conservative Intel wrote about the controversy at the time:

“Conservative Michigan Attorney General candidate Tom Leonard blasted his opponent, radical liberal Democrat Dana Nessel, in a press conference Monday afternoon after recent media reports show Nessel has been extremely abusive to members of her own staff.

Leonard, currently the Speaker of the Michigan House, was joined by police officers and prosecutors from across the state as Nessel continues to struggle to keep employees from leaving her campaign.

Last week, Nessel’s former staffers told MIRS, a Lansing based media outlet, that the situation on the campaign is ‘absolute chaos,’ ‘chaotic,’ ‘toxic,’ and ‘crazy.’  

 “Democratic Attorney General nominee Dana NESSEL and her fourth campaign manager, Max GLASS, parted ways Thursday, shortly before Nessel’s sixth spokesperson, Brian STONE, was let go after being on the job 48 hours…

 “I realized very quickly that I was in a horrible situation, Stone said. “Everyone was working in fear ofcontact with the candidate. People had all developed coping strategies for dealing with Dana. It wasabsolute chaos. I’ve never seen a campaign like this.”

Leonard says the developments prove Nessel is unfit to serve as Attorney General.

“Over the weekend, disturbing reports surfaced about my opponent mistreating her campaign staff,” Leonard said.

“Her actions have caused many well-respected members of the law enforcement community to call into question her ability to enforce our laws in a fair, independent, and level-headed manner. I was joined by sheriffs and prosecutors from across the state today to discuss their concerns.”

Leonard says Michigan can’t afford an unhinged leftist like Nessel.

 “We can’t have a ‘dangerous,’ a ‘chaotic,’ a ‘toxic,’ and an ‘abusive’ person in charge of law enforcement in our state,” Leonard said. “Michigan deserves, and needs, much better.”