Breaking: Nikki Haley Resigns As United Nations Ambassador

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley has announced she is leaving her post as Ambassador to the United Nations.

President Trump accepted her resignation Tuesday morning. Haley will leave at the end of the year.

Speculation is swirling as to why she left, with some believing she may be gearing up to run against President Trump in 2020. Haley says she will support President Trump’s re-election.

Haley frequently made headlines for defying President Trump, including comments about Roy Moore in Alabama, and sanctions against Russia.

According to NBC News:

“In a move that caught administration officials off guard, Nikki Haley, President Donald Trump’s U.N. ambassador, has resigned.

During an Oval Office announcement Tuesday, Trump and Haley confirmed that she would leave his administration at the end of the year.

“We’re all happy for you in one way, but hate to lose you,” Trump said, sitting alongside the ambassador. “At the end of the year, Nikki will be leaving.” The interaction between the two was warm and they spent time praising each other.

A source close to Haley insisted she’s leaving on good terms and that she was not forced out. But inside the White House, officials were caught off guard by her announcement, learning of it from reporters who started inquiring, two White House officials told NBC News.

Two other officials said there was disappointment in the West Wing that Haley chose to step down before the midterm elections in less than a month.”