Breaking: New Texts Show Strozk And Page Devastated When President Trump Fired Comey

Strozok, Comey, Trump

Disgraced FBI investigators Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were devastated by President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, new texts reveal.

The texts were released as part of a Congressional inquiry.

Strzok and Page were having an affair with each other despite being married, all while involved in top level investigations involving Trump and Hillary Clinton despite the fact both share a pro-Clinton, anti-Trump bias.

According to Fox News:

“On the day President Trump fired his FBI director, Strzok and Page exchanged a flurry of messages

“Ack dammit I’m DYING down here,” Strzok wrote, inviting Page to talk and suggesting she go to a lunch with a person whose name is redacted. “Now more than ever this is an important, critical, time.”

Moments before, Strzok also wrote, “And we need to open the case we’ve been waiting on now while Andy is acting.” It is unclear what “case” Strzok was referring to, but the text suggested he wanted to act while former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was still in charge post-Comey.

Page replied: “We need to lock in [redacted]. In a formal chargeable way. Soon.”

Over the next several days, the texts show the two rallying behind Comey.

“Are you watching this s*t?!?? Call me when you’re off…” Strzok texted. “… [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] said D [Director Comey] had ‘lost confidence of rank and file of fbi.’”

Days later, Strzok and Page exchanged texts that they were feeling a “sense of loss.”

“Having a tough time processing tonight, Lis. Feeling a profound sense of loss,” Strzok wrote.

“I feel that same loss. I want to see what the FBI could become under him! His vision of greatness for our strong but flawed organization. I’m angry. Angry and mourning,” Page replied.”