Breaking: FBI Raided Trump Lawyer Over 2005 Access Hollywood Tape

The FBI’s raid on President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen office and apartment, which Trump described as a “break in,” was related to the controversial Access Hollywood tape from over a decade ago, reports say.

The raid was conducted after a tip from Special Counsel Robert Mueller…

According to The Hill:

“FBI agents who raided the office of President Trump’s personal lawyer sought records related to the 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape released shortly before the 2016 election, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The agents wanted records related to the tape, in which Trump can be heard talking about grabbing and kissing women…

They also were looking for any evidence that the lawyer, Michael Cohen, had tried to conceal damaging information about Trump during the election, sources briefed on the warrant told the Times.

Trump faced intense backlash after the tape was released and sought to distance himself from the comments, describing it at the time as “locker room talk.”He has also said the voice on the tape might not be him, according to The New York Times.”