Nuke Deal With North Korea Will Seal President Trump’s Place As One Of America’s Greatest Presidents

After Thursday’s blockbuster announcement that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to negotiate a deal to denuclearize his regime, as well as meet with President Trump, it’s clear Mr. Trump has an extremely rare opportunity to cement his place in history among America’s greatest Presidents.

The problems on the Korean peninsula have festered for decades. The crisis has cost Americans not only hundreds of billions of dollars, but also the lives of thousands of our soldiers.

Administration after administration has been embarrassed by the North Korean regime as Kim and his family ruled ruthlessly, but also strategically, always saying the right things while towing the line enough to extort the west for everything they could get.

Those days may be over-and soon.

Liberals and Never Trump Republicans derped endlessly on any TV network one turned on about the foolishness of President Trump’s tweets regarding Kim and North Korea, but in the end, the President may get the last laugh.

Bringing peace to the Korean peninsula will guarantee President Trump’s place in history, and as a peacemaker, not for scandal, impeachment, or some other far left fantasy.

Stay tuned!