Drain The Swamp? Interior Secretary Zinke Spends $140k On New Office Doors

Zinke ( Rick Bowmer/AP)

Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior Department, is in the spotlight once again for a controversy involving taxpayer money, this time, it’s new office doors.

Zinke reportedly spent nearly $139,000 on new doors for his office.

Zinke has also come under fire for personal use of taxpayer funded private jets, and controversial no-bid contracts from his department after the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

According to Politico:

“The Interior Department is spending $139,000 for new doors for Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office suite, according to records posted online.

The work was recommended by Interior career facilities and security officials, an agency spokeswoman said, not by Zinke.

The award to Maryland-based Conquest Solutions LLC was first reported by the Associated Press. The work involves replacing three sets of double doors, including two that open onto a balcony and leak during rain storms, the AP reported. An existing set of doors to Zinke’s office from a hallway do not have a lock, so the security will be upgraded with the new doors.”