NYT Poll: Americans Favor New Tax Cuts

A New York Times poll is confirming conservatives’ political hopes for the new tax cuts passed last year, the effects of which are still being felt: “The tax overhaul that President Trump signed into law now has more supporters than opponents, buoying Republican hopes for this year’s congressional elections,” according to the old Grey Lady.

The NYT poll shows that Americans favor the new tax law 51% to 46%, with approval having risen “46 percent in January and 37 percent in December, when the law was passed.”

Furthermore, a CNBC poll out Tuesday revealed that among small business owners, there is record confidence. “Half of small-business owners are now expecting to see tax cuts in 2018,” according to this poll.

President Trump has been quick to take credit for passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last December, as well as quick to emphasize the law’s growing popularity as reason to elect more Republicans to Congress in 2018: