Pensler Outperforms James In New Michigan Senate Poll

Sandy Pensler

Conservatives across Michigan have been buzzing about Sandy Pensler since the businessman announced he’s putting $5 million into his US Senate campaign to take the fight to liberal Senator Debbie Stabenow, and now a new poll shows even more positive momentum for Pensler.

Pensler’s much anticipated television ad campaign hasn’t even started yet, but he already performs better than his opponent John James in a new Detroit News poll against Debbie Stabenow.

According to the poll, Stabenow leads Pensler 50.5%-30.4%, and Stabenow leads James 51.3%-30.0%, with Pensler faring better by more than 1%. 600 voters were surveyed.

With a resume that includes West Point, James seemed to have a lot of potential in the early days of the Senate campaign, but momentum fell flat in fundraising when he filed his latest FEC report with only $200,000 cash on hand.

While money isn’t everything, some is needed, and Debbie Stabenow is sitting on a $7.5 million war chest.

Pensler is a businessman specializing in taking companies on the verge of failure and saving them. He vows to put Michigan First in the Senate, ahead of the far left agenda pushed by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that Stabenow adheres to.

Pensler is a strong supporter of President Trump and his America First policies, and Pensler says he will be an ally for the President in Washington.

For her part, Stabenow recently sided with Chuck, Nancy, and illegal immigrants instead of American soldiers and children, a vote Michigan families won’t forget in the fall.

Michigan Republican primary voters will decide who takes on Stabenow in early August.