ICE Planning an Illegal Immigration “Sweep” in California Bay Area

The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this morning that the federal government is about to crack down hard on California and . . . oh, wait, never mind, they’re just going to enforce the law:

“U.S. immigration officials have begun preparing for a major sweep in San Francisco and other Northern California cities in which federal officers would look to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented people while sending a message that immigration policy will be enforced in the sanctuary state, according to a source familiar with the operation.”

Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown last October signed legislation declaring California a “sanctuary state,” and the law went into effect with the new year.

“The operation would go after people who have been identified as targets for deportation, including those who have been served with final deportation orders and those with criminal histories, the source said. The number could tick up if officers come across other undocumented immigrants in the course of their actions and make what are known as collateral arrests” (emphasis added).

News of a potential Bay Area sweep comes a week after ICE conducted a similar sweep of 7-Eleven stores in both D.C. and 17 other states.