Conservative Grassroots Republicans Rally Around Pensler As Young Exits Michigan Senate Race

Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young announced earlier today he is no longer a candidate for the United States Senate seat currently held by Debbie Stabenow.

Young’s departure from the race opens the door for business turn around artist Sandy Pensler to gain ground.

Pensler’s only other major opponent is John James, a West Point grad and Veteran, has struggled to gain traction and has been unable to raise money.

Pensler has said he will spend millions to beat Stabenow while James only has $200,000 on hand compared to $7 million for Stabenow.

Even before Young’s exit, the race was wide open. Young led the field with like Republican primary voters at 11% while James received 9% and Pensler received 5%. 75% were undecided.

Michigan Trump Republicans Co-Founder Diane Schindlbeck says that Young’s departure is leading to a surge of support for Pensler among conservatives.

“Grassroots Republicans and Trump supporters are starting to rally behind Sandy Pensler because they know he is a conservative candidate with solid credentials who has what it takes to beat Debbie Stabenow,” Schindlbeck said. “Like President Trump, Pensler knows how to run a business successfully. With Pensler’s ability to spend millions on his campaign, Republicans can be sure we have a candidate who will take the fight to Stabenow on every front. Michigan families just can’t afford six more years of Stabenow. Sandy Pensler will put Michigan first, not Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.”

Pensler praised Young and touted his business experience in a statement Wednesday morning.

“Bob Young has a been a great leader for this state and an unwavering supporter of the Constitution. I will miss his wit, wisdom and bow ties on the campaign trail and wish him and his family all the best in the future,” Pensler said. “Bob knew the importance of raising the necessary funds to defeat Debbie Stabenow and Republicans must nominate a candidate with real and credible business experience who can raise the resources necessary to defeat Debbie Stabenow and her $7 million-plus war chest.”