Senator Mitt Romney? Hatch Retirement Paves Way For One Of President Trump’s Top Critics

Romney, left, Trump, right

Senator Mitt Romney?

That’s the reality that could be facing Utah and America soon after Sen. Orrin Hatch announced his retirement earlier today.

Hatch served Utah for decades, now he’s calling it quits. President Trump urged Hatch to stay, but the longtime lawmaker says it’s time to go.

Mitt Romney, a #NeverTrump nut who frequently attacks the President, is expected to declare his candidacy soon, and is likely to win the seat easily.

Romney and Trump frequently traded barbs during the 2016 campaign. Romney said the President was a con artist fooling millions of Americans, among other things, while Trump declared he had stores worth more than Romney’s entire fortune.

Trump was able to get Romney to praise him after he beat Hillary while considering the former Presidential candidate for Secretary of State, but many believe he was just rubbing his win in Romney’s face and never seriously considered him for the position.