Establishment RINO Senator Jeff Flake Threatens President Trump With 2020 Primary Challenger

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake never seems to have anything nice to say about President Trump, now he is telling the President to stop the way he is doing things, or he will face a primary challenger in 2020.

Flake, who is very close with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is retiring next year after poll numbers showed he was severely disliked by Arizonans and had almost no chance of being re-elected.

According to Fox News:

“Trump critic and Republican Sen. Jeff Flake suggested Sunday that the president’s words and actions have left him open to a primary challenge if he seeks reelection.

“If he continues on the path that he’s on, that is going to leave a huge swath of voters looking for someone else,” Flake, who is not seeking reelection in 2018, told ABC News’ “This Week.” He’s probably inviting a Republican challenge.”

Flake also said Trump’s continued path could result in a “diminished base” and “a huge swath of voters in the middle that may be looking for something else” — including a “far left” president like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent, or Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The first-term senator has been perhaps the most outspoken congressional Republican against Trump.”