BREAKING: Tax Reform Passes in the Senate, House To Vote Before Sending to Trump

“The Senate approved the Republican tax-cut bill in a 51-48 vote on Wednesday morning, inching closer to finishing off the first major legislative victory of President Trump’s tenure,” The Hill reports today. “The party-line Senate vote came hours after the House on Tuesday approved the sweeping legislation in a 227-203 vote.”

A final procedural hurdle, however, remains before the bill can be signed by President Trump. Another vote from the House is required due to “a ruling by the Senate parliamentarian that two provisions in the House-passed bill didn’t comply with budget rules that Republicans are using to prevent Democrats from mounting a filibuster.” (An event is tentatively scheduled 2:00pm today at the White House to celebrate the passage of the tax bill.)

Some left-leaning protesters from the gallery could be heard during the voting process. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), as usual, took the cake with her reactions. She went so far as to repeat some wildly inaccurate and false statements on Twitter:

It’s not clear where she’s getting that information from, since the vast majority of Americans will be able to keep a bit more of their own hard-earned money under this plan.

Last we checked, it’s not the Republican Party that’s perpetually angling to raise taxes on families and growth-generating businesses . . .