Drain The Swamp: Gorka And Pastor Burns Back Conservative Nevada Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian

Gorka, left, Tarkanian, center, Burns, right

Conservative Nevada Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian is racking up some big endorsements in his battle to replace establishment Senator Dean Heller in the United States Senate.

Tarkanian’s campaign announced the endorsement of Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to President Trump, as well as nationally renowned pastor Mark Burns.

Gorka says Tarkanian will stand up to the Never Trump factions in Washington

“The Never Trumpers are making it very difficult for the President to go the next phase of his great mission to bring America back to greatness,” Gorka said. “Danny Tarkanian is exactly the kind of person we need to build the President’s team in the capitol and drain the swamp. I support Danny and so should you.”

Gorka also blasted Heller for lying to Nevadans, and abandoning President Trump.

“Danny’s opponent is a man who will lie about what he said yesterday,” Gorka said. “A man who now tries to say he’s a supporter of the President when we have him on tape at public events shaming the President and talking about how he’s a bad thing for this nation and how he will not support him; how he’s not interested in repealing Obamacare; how he’s pro-DACA; pro-illegal migration — this is the man that we must defeat, and Danny is the candidate.”

According to a press release, “Gorka and Burns were joined in their endorsement of Tarkanian by conservative radio and television host Wayne Allyn Root, and Niger Innis.”

Tarkanian released his first digital ad of the campaign last week, linking Heller with his establishment friends in the Senate, Luther Strange, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker.

Watch the ad below: