After Moore Loss, Fears of an Impending Democrat Wave in 2018

Republicans nationwide, but especially in Congress, have got to get their acts together, and fast. If they don’t, 2018 could be a bloodbath.

That’s the overall sense of the situation on Capitol Hill and even down at the state government level today, after Judge Roy Moore narrowly lost deep red Alabama last night.

Allegations of sexual misconduct on his part surely paved the way for Moore’s loss. Some commentators on the right, like Matt Drudge, insist that Trump-backed candidate Luther Strange would have certainly beat Democrat Doug Jones.

That means, as Trump tweeted this morning, the GOP has got to put up immaculate candidates in 2018:

Many are also calling upon Republicans in Congress to do what voters sent them to Washing to do: pass good legislation, and repeal bad legislation.

In a report from The Hill, Idaho senate president Brent Hill reiterated this point: “I think that the Republicans have got to show that they can do something, they can do something good, and they can get it done while they have power.”