Planned Parenthood Fears Pro-Life Michigan Speaker Tom Leonard

Planned Parenthood just created a deck of cards featuring Republican elected officials they dislike and deem “bad for women” and “bad for Michigan” for a euchre fundraiser. The deck is beginning to get quite a bit of play on social media in both liberal and conservative circles.

Cards were created with the name and face of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and a few Michigan elected officials.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard is featured on all the diamond cards. At the bottom of each card, is a factoid about the featured elected official.

They called out Leonard for being “endorsed by Michigan Right to Life in each election” and having a “100% anti-choice voting record.”

Not exactly breaking news, considering Leonard has been open about being pro-life since first campaigning for his state house seat.

The cards also hit on other issues, in addition to their pro-life records. For Leonard, it included facts such as, “voted to privatize teacher pensions” and “authorized individuals to carry firearms without permits.”

Successfully leading the charge on MPSERS reform and constitutional carry in the House are two of Leonard’s biggest accomplishments thus far as speaker, so he probably doesn’t mind Planned Parenthood spreading the word.

Leonard has made a name for himself for standing strong for conservative values, even when harshly criticized by Democrats, the media, and more moderate Republicans.

The courage and ability to get things done Speaker Leonard has displayed is the reason why Planned Parenthood fears him so much.

He was asked by MIRS News what he thought of the cards, and responded “On Thursday, I celebrated my miracle daughter’s first birthday. On Friday, I’m attacked by Planned Parenthood because I value her life. I’d say this has been a pretty good week!”

Leonard and the other elected officials featured are getting a kick out of the cards, and don’t mind them being shared since being on Planned Parenthoods most hated list is generally viewed as a good thing in conservative circles.

On Facebook, Leonard said, “I consider this a badge of honor, and am proud to see they understand my commitment to protecting life here in Michigan.”