First Public Poll Shows Danny Tarkanian Leads Dean Heller by 8 Points in Nevada Primary Race

PC: Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Breitbart News obtained a new poll from JMC Analytics, and it indicates Danny Tarkanian now has a significant lead over incumbent Senator Dean Heller.

According to the poll, 39% of respondents said they would support Tarkanian, while just 31% said they would support Heller. The survey of 700 likely GOP voters in Nevada was conducted from August 24 to August 25 and has a margin of error of 3.7 percent with a 95 percent confidence interval.

Senator Heller’s approval ratings are dropping, with just 34% of Republicans in Nevada approving of his job performance, and 48% that disapprove.

Heller continues to dig himself a deeper hole, especially when it comes to grassroots conservatives. Many of them felt betrayed when he became one of only a few Republican Senators that opposed the repeal of Obamacare.

To add insult to injury, he publicly came out against the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. If he continues to stand in the way of the President’s agenda, and disregard the conservative principles he campaigned on, his approval numbers will only continue to drop.

Tarkanian has won over many of the same Republicans that overwhelmingly won last year’s caucus for Donald Trump.

He’s been an adamant supporter of the President, and uses social media as a platform to defend him. He also regularly makes appearances on national television as a Trump surrogate.

President Trump himself took the opportunity while speaking at an event in Nevada last week to call out Heller for not being there.

Considering Heller’s record and Tarkanian’s strong support for Trump, an endorsement from the President is certainly possible.

Tarkanian did just receive a major endorsement from Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

“Danny Tarkanian is a conservative outsider who will support the “American First” policies our nation needs to survive and thrive, including building the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and finally repealing Obamacare. Common sense Conservatives in Nevada and across America need to unite and help win this critical fight. I strongly endorse Danny Tarkanian for the United States Senate and look forward to helping him win this important election.”

It’s still early, but the first public poll indicates conservatives are ready to send Dean Heller a strong message. And it looks like Danny Tarkanian could be their choice to deliver it.