Michigan Trump Republicans Have President’s Back, More Events Announced

PC: DarKen Photography

Every year, there is plenty of energy and enthusiasm in the months leading up to a presidential election. Typically, win or lose, that energy for a presidential candidate comes to a sudden halt shortly after the election has ended.

That’s certainly not the case for supporters of Donald Trump in Michigan. Over nine months have passed since the historic election on November 8, 2016, and momentum continues to build in defense and support of our now President Trump.

This is due in large part because of a group of activists called the Michigan Trump Republicans. The group was founded by Diane Schindlbeck and Meshawn Maddock, county chairs and two of the top activists during the 2016 Trump campaign in Michigan. They were so influential, that they received a call from the White House following the election asking them to help in defending and uniting supporters in Michigan behind the President. And it can’t be overstated how much they have exceeded expectations.

With the help of other top activists across the state, they have spent the summer touring Michigan. They’ve said they want to hold an event in every county in Michigan. At the rate they’re going, it seems like a very attainable goal.

The crowds at each event have been unbelievable, and only continue to grow. It’s not uncommon to see over 200 people in attendance.

Many familiar faces from the campaign such as 2016 Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom, and Trump State Co-Chair, and now U.S. Senate candidate Lena Epstein have appeared as keynote speakers.

But regardless of who takes the podium, many people continue to show up simply due to the groups motto. “President Trump, we’ve got your back.” They’re comforted in knowing thousands of people across the state are taking the time to show support for President Trump.

Schindlbeck said in a statement that those who attend Michigan Trump Republicans events will “learn how to defend Trump against these unwarranted attacks” and find out what’s really happening in Washington, D.C.

“Trump supporters are tired of the main stream media and the political establishment continually attacking our President,” Schindlbeck said. “Michigan voters, who shocked the world last November, understand that Trump is making amazing progress to advance his agenda,”

The media and Republicans across the state are beginning to recognize that the Michigan Trump Republicans will have a significant influence on the 2018 elections. Democrats have noticed too, and are getting worried. They’ve showed up to protest recent stops, and upcoming Facebook events indicate they will continue to do so.

Although Michigan Trump Republicans isn’t endorsing any candidates, it’s becoming necessary for any GOP candidate that hopes to compete in 2018 to make an appearance. The momentum and waves Michigan Trump Republicans will be able to create, could be exactly what the GOP needs to win some potentially tightly contested statewide races.

If you haven’t made it out to see this phenomenon for yourself, take a look at the list below to see when the Trump tour is making a stop in your county. They are all free to attend, but organizers encourage everyone to register on their website. And if these dates and locations don’t work for you, rest easy knowing that more stops are always being added, and are updated as soon as they’re announced at http://www.michigantrumprepublicans.com/

August 28 at 6pm
The Causeway Bay Hotel
6820 S. Cedar

September 11 at 6pm
G’s Pizza
200 W. Houghton
West Branch

September 19 at 6pm
American Polish Cultural Center
2975 East Maple Rd.

October 2 at 6pm
G’s Pizza
3823 Bay Rd.

October 9 at 6pm
Location to be announced soon
Grand Rapids

October 16 at 6pm
Location to be announced soon
St. Joseph

October Date TBD at 6pm
Location to be announced soon
Traverse City

St. Clair Shores, Highland, Davison, and Port Huron coming soon