Democrat Party Chairman Exploits Twitter Hack Against Lena Epstein

PC: Wood TV8

Brandon Dillon, Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, went on a twitter tirade last night against U.S. Senate candidate Lena Epstein.

He posted a screenshot of Epstein’s account “liking” a David Duke tweet and a tweet from “Baked Alaska” who is apparently a neo-Nazi.

Dillon then sent out a series of tweets about how Epstein “really likes David Duke and neo-Nazis.”

Epstein sent out a press release explaining that her twitter account was hacked yesterday. She was able to back this up with a screenshot of an email that twitter sent her. She said in a statement:

“As a Jewish woman with deep roots in the Jewish faith, a proud lineage of Jewish leaders, and relatives who were killed in the Holocaust because of blind hatred and prejudice, there is little that could be more offensive to me than the suggestion that I support, “like,” or condone David Duke, neo-Nazis, or any group that promotes hatred and prejudice.”

Epstein continued, “Whoever illegally hacked into my account chose to try and portray me as a supporter of all that I stand against. This is an affront to the Jewish community and I am disgusted by Chairman Brandon Dillon and the Michigan Democrat Party for exploiting what is so obviously false.”

Even after Epstein sent out the press release, Dillion has not let up on twitter.

Many people are now asking the question whether the person behind the hack is affiliated with the Michigan Democratic Party.

The face of Michigan Democrats has reached a new low, accusing a prominent member of the Jewish community of supporting neo- Nazism even after learning her account had been hacked.

Epstein is currently the Republican frontrunner in the U.S. Senate race. Whether Michigan Democrats were behind the hack or not, this is further evidence that they’re terrified Epstein will unseat Debbie Stabenow in 2018.